Keep Your Small Business Safe!

Keep Your Small Business Safe

Staying caught up and ahead of the game when it comes to the latest security issues is key to keeping your businesses’ computers safe.  Keeping up on so much can be time consuming and complicated, but that’s what SOS Support is here for!

We just wanted to let you guys know about some of the newest threats to your computers and the important information stored on them.  The guys over at CRN wrote up a pretty darn good description of all of them, so we will just send you over there if you want all the dirty little details.

Here’s the link:

5 Dangerous Cyberattacks Targeting Businesses Right Now

If you just read through them all, there’s probably a lot that didn’t make total sense.  In simple words, hackers are very smart and very dangerous, so it’s very important that you do your very best to protect yourself!

One of these threats include a way for hackers to get ahold of important log-in information that gives them access to all of your businesses’ data.  A different one gives them a way to steal your emails and other documents that you might be sending.

So basically, any single one of these cyberattacks could be very dangerous to your small businesses.

Luckily there’s good guys out there too!

At SOS Support, we don’t quite have the manpower needed to track down every one of these cyber criminals and stop them, but we DO know how to keep you safe from them!

Our friends at Dell have a product called a SonicWALL.  Many of you out there have already chosen to have one installed.  The rest of you should DEFINITELY consider it!  These things are basically like a decked out security team watching over your whole network 24/7!  And with managed services from SOS Support, you’ll never have to worry about updating your anti-virus anymore, because we will be taking care of everything.

If you’re interested in a SonicWALL for your business, here’s a data sheet with some more info:

SonicWALL Overview

Just take a look and then contact us for some more info!

Here at SOS Support, your IT specialists in Salt Lake City, we want the very best for your Small Business!

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