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We sent the following message to all of our clients on 7.28.2015 regarding an important update about Google Plus with Google Apps for Work (AKA Google Apps for Business)


We wanted to update you on some changes that have recently been made to Google+. Please read this email carefully.

Google has introduced a new setting in the Google Admin console that gives you control over whether or not your users can edit their profile names in Google+.

By default, users can change the profile name that’s displayed for their Google+ profile. Now, however, you can decide to disallow name changes. If you do, all Google+ profile names that were previously changed by users will be replaced by their corresponding names in the Admin console directory.

If you decide to prevent users from changing their Google+ profile names, we recommend that you do the following to minimize any confusion:

  • Inform your users that their profile name might change—before you modify the setting.
  • Tell users to contact their Google Apps administrator if they need to change their profile name after the setting is changed.

Visit the Google Apps Help Center to learn more about managing Google+ profiles.

As always, please contact us for any issues related to your E-Mail Management System. We are a solution provider providing Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365, or corporate Exchange email systems. We look forward to hearing from you.



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