Aruba Network Solutions

Aruba Network Solutions

There is nothing better than sitting down in a comfy chair, doing what you love. You don’t have any stress, You don’t have to worry about your company, and You know your top secret files are hidden away. SOS Support can make turn that into a reality. We have the best IT specialists, the best security networks, and the best security company partners. One of our partners is Aruba Networks. They are an HP company that works with businesses to provide excellent wireless network solutions to everyone who needs them.  They have easy to set up, reliable WiFi systems with great support and security.

Aruba has offices everywhere. They are easy to access. Whether you live in Salt Lake City Utah, or the African Regions, Aruba can reach you. “we help businesses engage #GenMobile with exactly what they need, at exactly the right time, no matter what the device or location.” (

Here at SOS Support we highly recommend using Aruba for your small or large business network.  If there are lots of computers in the office, Aruba is a great tool to keep internet running smoothly, along with many other similar features that are extremely useful in the workplace.  Aruba is an Enterprise grade access point, at the same level as Cisco.

Aruba was founded in 2002, by keerti melkote. The CEO is Dominic Orr. Aruba headquarters is in Sunnyvale, CA.

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