Apple’s New MacBook

New Apple MacBook

There’s some big news for any Apple fans out there!

More and more details are being shared about the all new Apple MacBook.  The exact release date is yet to be announced, but it is expected to be up for sale in the next couple months.

For our blog’s purposes, we will just got over a few of the new details and features, but here’s a link to some more details over at CRN.

If you’re an Apple fan, then you’re definitely familiar with the MacBook Air (those tiny little laptops that everyone is using).  Well here’s some news, the new MacBook will be EVEN THINNER!   Apple made some changes to their chips and parts in the computer that has allowed them to scrape off another 4 mm off of it along with .38 pounds.

Apple has also upgraded the processor to improve performance, as well as added some cool new features like the all new USB-C, and improved keyboard and touch pad, and an impressive 9-hour battery life.

As far as pricing goes, Apple has announced that the base version will be priced around $1300, and the version with an upgraded processor will run at $1600 when the new MacBook releases.

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