Spring Clean Your Office

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It’s time for spring cleaning. Most people think of cleaning their home when spring has arrived. The fresh air helps inspire one to clean up, take stock and make upgrades after a harsh winter. However like your home, your office tech could benefit from good spring clean to.  As the heart of your business, you benefit when your office is running smoothly and you ensure the necessary support you need to keep your office tech up to date.


To start, make sure your cyber security is top notch. At SOS Support we recommend installing the latest firewalls to ensure  threats are kept away from your business. In today’s world malware, spyware, ransomware and viruses are a serious concern for all businesses, without the proper protection you could run into serious problems if your computer system is compromised. A professional tech support team should  verify that you have the latest and most effective protection.


Next on your spring cleaning should be verifying your backup system. More and more offices are choosing to backup to cloud servers with monthly subscriptions. A tech support professional can make sure that all your files are being backed up with every keystroke so you can rest assured that your data not only is safely backed up but securely encrypted.


Last on your spring cleaning checklist is upgrades. Is your office system the most efficient it could be? Is there better technology out there that helps your team function more efficiently? Now is a great time to take a look at how things are running and see if there is room for improvement. However, installing a new operating system can be daunting. Having a helpful team of professional like the our tech experts at SOS Support can make upgrading your office system an easy experience. We are pros at training your staff to understand your new software and are available 24/7 for any questions or concerns.


If you are ready to spring clean your office tech, call SOS Support today!