Windows 10 Free Upgrade ends July 31

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

As you most likely know, Microsoft Windows versions 8 and 7 are available to be upgraded for FREE to Windows 10 but only until the end of July. With all the prompts and patches and pushes from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10, it’s nearly impossible not to succumb to the “limited time offer.” But is it really limited? Here are my thoughts on the Windows 10 Free Upgrade.

You can no longer buy systems with Windows 7 and it has been that way since almost a year ago shortly after Windows 10 was released. One caveat, you can purchase an enterprise grade system such as a Dell Optiplex or Latitude through a Dell partner channel. Here at SOS|Support about 50% of the systems we purchase for our business clients come with the Windows 7 Professional installed with licensing and media for Windows 10 Professional.

I anticipate being able to continue to get Windows 7 Professional on new Dell Optiplex and Latitude workstations and laptops, but only through October of 2016 (Source: ZDNet). Windows 7 has legitimately been the best Microsoft Operating System ever, and many claim it is still superior to Windows 10.

Why Upgrade to Windows 10

While I don’t entirely disagree – there are a few reasons why considering a move to Windows 10 would be beneficial (other then it is Free) Windows 10 Upgrade Icon

  • Windows 10 is not an enhanced version of Windows 8/8.1 – It is its own operating system. Microsoft learned from Windows Vista and then from Windows 8 (which is still NOT a bad OS!) the things that made people not like them, and they fixed those things with Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 supports the latest technology:  If your a power user, manager, production user or even administrative/office staff and you have to WAIT for your computer to “do things”, then your living in the stone ages of tech. Solid State drives are slowly becoming the standard. We have recommended that clients get solid state drives and they HAVE been OUR standard for a couple years now! Windows 7 does not support Solid State drives 100% to their potential, because Solid State drives came out many years after Windows 7 had been moved on to 8 and 10.
  • Windows 10 is FAST. We love Windows 7 – It loads fast! And Windows 10 actually improves upon Windows 7 and loads even faster, in part by utilizing the latest technologies.
  • Finally, when it comes to overall speed, performance, bootup time, and even malware prevention, Microsoft Windows 10 is more comparable to Mac OS – especially when you include a Solid State Drive. Want your computer to boot up and be fully operational in 15-20 seconds?  This can be done with Windows 10, finally!
  • Windows 10 is clean! Not messy.. and the “Tiles” are not everywhere like in Windows 8.

Security Concerns about Windows 10 at this time:

  • Security and PRIVACY! When you install Windows 10 if it is not installed a specific way, it comes LOADED with what many people would call Security risks! Examples such as: phoning home back to Microsoft with all sorts of information about your computer; and EVEN USEAGE (like: what you do on your computer).
  • Cortana: Along the same lines of Privacy, Microsoft Windows 10 REALLY wants you to use Cortana. I personally have never used “her.” Tempting, but when you go to use Cortana for the first time you get this message you have to approve. This is just an example of how Microsoft will continue to try to get us to “opt in” to their full onslaught of “personalized services.
  • Microsoft Cortana Privacy Agreement

    Microsoft Cortana Privacy Agreement

    The EULA (End User License Agreement) that one must agree to when installing Windows 10 uses verbiage giving consent to some of these privacy issues. After all, this is m0st tech comglomarates make all their money – profiling people, and getting paid advertising. Windows 10 and their new “Software as a Service” model is following some of this same approach, and who can blame them?





Other Reasons to Consider NOT upgrading

  • Incompatibility: Windows 10 is now on approximately 30% of all computers. Windows 7 owns the market even albeit slowly declining. Windows 7 sits just under 60% at this time. If your computer came with Windows 8.1, you are much more likely to have no issues running Windows 10. If your running Windows 7, we need to take some pre-cautions before taking advantage of the Windows 10 free upgrade.
  • The 15% RULE: It seems that 1 to 2 out of 10 computers that upgrade end up failing and we have to do a complete install from scratch. Not as bad as it sounds, but extra down time is money lost by your business. Would this keep me from upgrading? No, but its personal preference. This is my own made up 15% and is based on our own experience.


With all that said, my over-all recommendation would be dependent on a case by case scenario. Generally speaking, if you computer will support and run Windows 10, take advantage and get the $200 value of free software which comes with a lifetime of free upgrades to future versions of Windows.

For more information, you can visit the Microsoft Windows 10 Free Upgrade website by clicking here. Contact us if you want help determining what to do!

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