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Why Do Managed Service Providers Fail

They try to do the audit first

It’s always relationship first, solution second. We just happen to be where customer service businesses are, we don’t sale products like a technology virus detected or an antivirus, therefore, an MSP is a customer service business relationship should be first that’s how you should grow.


They don’t listen to their problems, nor get their key details

(Devices, servers, locations, etc). Book the meeting, listen carefully what they got to say, demand, get out and present.


Poor proposal and presentation

You must ask yourself: Do you offer a professional service? Do you offer a high-quality post-service, such as follow-ups, reports and such?

Also, it’s important to dress up properly so you better be elegant for the meeting. If they like how you look people will feel comfortable with the idea of you taking care of their IT services.


No differentiator (Purple Cow)

Highlight those aspects that make you stand out among the crowd, if you’re standing there saying the same thing, it’s very hard for a buyer to make a buying decision. In order to be easy for your prospects to make a decision, you need to differentiate from the competition.


Poor branding and pricing

It’s difficult to pinpoint packaging while offering an IT Service. In a mostly service centered business, packaging is all about how you package concepts and principles in ways that define your core difference, methodology and brand.

For example,  we chose to name our brand as SOS Support  for the imperative need of helping companies with their IT infrastructure, also, in order to make them realize that we’re capable of helping them with their issues. Even the concept of remote support, created a new “package” for how to think about IT.

Our brand inherited some of the mostly positive associations that people already had developed around IT. SOS Support has enhanced the idea of what an IT company is about.


Understand that people are looking for a partner, they’re not looking just for a set of tools. They’re looking for an overall peace-of-mind solution.


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