5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring an IT Support Company



Did you know that the IT industry is not regulated? Without strict rules and regulations on the quality of service you receive when hiring an IT support company, you may end up with a company that really does not know what they are doing despite claiming to be experts. In order to be fully protected and to ensure the best care when you require IT support, we have put together 5 top questions you should always ask when hiring an IT company. For more guidance on hiring an IT company. Check out our free e-book.


  1. How do you monitor onsite and offsite backup’s in case you lose data? Can I rely
    on you to provide my backups? We know the value of backup and provide tailored, high-level backup solutions because we know they are incredibly necessary. Additionally, we provide remote backups to our clients. It doesn’t matter to us how big or small your data is or if you have 1 system or 50.
  2. Do you INSIST on doing periodical tests to confirm you are will not lose your data
    in a server down repair process? Can the backups be accessed in case of a major disaster? In a world where ransomeware and cyber attacks are becoming more frequent it is paramount that you not only will have your data protected but also that everything can be recovered seamlessly should your company ever fall under a ransomeware attack.  SOS|Support provides frequent and regular data monitoring and backup service that insures data can be recovered. We take care pre-cautions of clients’ data and help prevent disasters. Our systems always use the highest levels of security/encryption to keep data safe
  3. Does your IT Company back-up your network prior to the system upgrade as
    standard practice? This one is a no brainer and is a great way to test if the IT company you are hiring knows what they are doing. Upgrades can often cause issues and a backup should always be done before your system is jeopardized. SOS|Support plans in detail the upgrade/roadmap to be as simple and safe process as possible. In case of hardware or software failure we first secure your network then perform upgrades.
  4. If we were to experience a major disaster, do you have a written plan for a
    Disaster Recovery Plan? How can our data could be restored FAST and/or enable you to work with the least amount of downtime? This one seems obvious and many people assume that their IT company has one but it is important to understand what the recovery process would look like completely. Make sure you have a copy in writing. This is not something that should be in fine print somewhere on their webpage. At SOS|Support, we always deliver up-front an easy to understand disaster recovery plan. We always provide the client the full disaster recovery plan.
  5. Does your IT Support Company answer phone calls/emails right away or do you
    have a response time greater than a few minutes? What measures are in place to make sure we are responded to quickly? Ideally there should be a 24/7 response team in place. Tech issues can grind your business to a halt and response time needs to be immediate. The SOS|Support team is available to answer your phone calls 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. We provide exceptional customer support. We work to resolve your problems efficiently. We know and understand the value of your time.

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