Techno Imaging Testimonial

“My name is Elena and I am the Administrative Project Manager for Techno Imaging. Techno Imaging is an international oil and gas industry consulting firm. As a company that deals with a lot of international clients in Europe and in other places overseas, it is very difficult for us to find knowledgeable and available experts in the IT field. People who would understand and be sensitive to our security and who would be appreciative of international laws governing digital communication and data storage. We were very fortunate when we were introduced to the team at SOS Support with their vast capacities. They were able to provide us with support for our Linux cluster, which is absolutely essential for the functioning of our business. They were also able to provide us with network administration, email management, and 24 hour emergency computer support.

The team is very personable and easy to work with. All of the members are available and everybody goes through their uttermost lengths to help out their clients. All the technicians learn quickly, are interested in learning, in helping out, in exploring new areas, and are very knowledgeable in the fields that matter the most to us. That of course would be everything from making our computers function from day to day, to resolving catastrophic events like cluster shutdown. As I have mentioned before, understanding the dynamic situation of the world politics and the sensitive area of the oil and mineral exploration commerce. They are able to adjust the encryption and security of our servers, email, individual machines, traveling personnel and those of us that are here at home working with our international clientele. I would like to say that we are very lucky to come across SOS Support as a team and each individual technician who have been very helpful in resolving our company needs.”

Administrative Project Manager, Techno Imaging LLC
Salt Lake City, UT

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