Cyber security

State of your I.T. QTR 4 2018; “Humans remain the cyber-security problem”

Big news this week as Webroot released their 2018 security report.

Cryptomining Dethrones Ransomware as #1 Threat

Phishing: the Unrelenting Attack

Phishing and targeted social engineering attacks continue on the rise:
Webroot saw phishing attempts increase by more than 60% from January to June in 2018.


Figure 2: Websites most impersonated by phishing in H1 2018


How to protect your company:

1. Local Image Backups (Datto BCDR is our choice)

2. Cloud Data and Image Backups (Datto Siris, Datto Cloud O365/GSuite and Endpoint Backup is our choice)

3. Managed Firewall in place (Sonicwall is our choice)

4. Security Awareness Training campaigns to educate your employees The weak link is the People in an otherwise protected environment.

5. Regular maintenance: patching, security protocols, perimeter protection

6. Endpoint Protection: Antivirus and Zero day protection

Sectors under attack: All Small Business. Micro and Small business is the new target.


What are we doing about it?

If we are working with you as a Hybrid services client, we are likely doing 1 or 2 of the items above. If we are working with you as a All-Inclusive client, we are throwing the whole bag of tools to keep you safe and protected.

On our road-map:

In the next 12 months we will be rolling out the following

1. Advanced Network Management and Monitoring through Auvik

2. Dark Web Monitoring services. I anticipate this as the next big trend that we need to get ahead of.

3. Duo 2-Factor Authentication – we can implement the industry leader of 2FA to your business

4. MyGlue – Your own internal security locker for organizing and securing day to day business operations in a SOC2 compliant service for pennies.


In 2018 we were recently given the unsolicited award of a Global 501 MSP – A worldwide top 501 IT Service Global Provider. This award isn’t based on our size or revenue. Rather, it is based on our techniques and how we integrate products, partners, solutions and securities to provide the best service to our clients.

As of today we currently have a product/security stack of over 30 solutions.

If you have any questions contact us today!

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