SOS Cyber-Security 3.0


SOS Cyber-Security 3.0

Back in 2005 we started using Corporate grade Firewalls to protect small business networks. They have come a long way since then. We have been providing Managed Firewall Services for many years. Now we are launching SOS Cyber-Security 3.0. In 2019 we launched 2.0, which included the Capture Security Center, Enhanced Reporting, and Enhanced Management services. In order to learn how to use this technology effectively, it requires going through a “Firewall University” with extensive hands on training.  Managing a business Firewall is never “set it and forget it,” and this is how most IT service companies do it. That is the wrong way of being a good IT & Cyber-Security partner. 

What You  Can Expect in The Coming Weeks

Cyber-Security 3.0 includes monthly reports and/or statistics: how many hackers blocked by the Firewall, how many viruses blocked, and how many bad websites have been blocked from your employees. Some reports even include where the attacks are coming from. You can look for these as attachments or additional notes on the monthly Firewall Management reporting. This applies to clients with the upgraded Firewall (Firewall that we put in place, and we are managing monthly). 

What Will it Cost?

Nothing! If you’ve taken our advice over the past year, you have hardware and licensing in place for us to make this happen. If you have any questions or want to know for sure, please reach out to us directly.