National Computer Security Day

November 30th is National Computer Security Day. Originally started in 1988 when computers began to be more commonplace, it’s more important than ever today to observe this day by putting extra attention to your computer’s safety.


In honor of this day, SOS Support have put together our top tips to protect your company with three simple steps:


1. Check your backups

Ensure that you have automatic backups for your website and for your internal systems. Whether it’s a cloud-based program or software. Triple check that all your backups are running properly. It’s best if you have an off-site backup service that will ensure your data is being kept safe.

2. Anti-malware software

The next thing to check is that your anti-malware software is installed and running. This is a must in today’s cybercriminal world.

3. Password protections

A must today is to have a password protection manager that will help create strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts. Check out this article from Wired for more tips on protecting your companies passwords.

4. Delete unneeded files

Keep your computer running smoothly by deleting any unneeded files that will slow it down. Making this a quarterly ritual is good practice for optimal performance.


5. Install and inspect power surge protection as appropriate

Something that is often overlooked as companies grow is how much power they need to service their computer systems.  Having some sort of power surge protection option is good practice to make sure there is never an interruption when your business uses more power.


If any of this is confusing or you want an expert to review your computer systems’ security, contact SOS Support, we would be happy to help!




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