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Team Meeting before Mission Impossible employee appreciation!!

Team Meeting before Mission Impossible employee appreciation!!

Nobody likes a grouchy boss, mean coworkers, or a nasty environment. Here at SOS Support- IT support, we have a fun, kind boss who lets us know when we are doing well. A couple weeks ago, Jason Kidman, Owner of the company, decided to reward his employees for their great work. Michelle, his wonderful office administrator, had her one year anniversary with the company and to celebrate we had our second ever work retreat. Jason surprised us with a paid trip to the movie theater as an office and an on IMAX movie experience. We walked into the theater in awe. Movie theaters are cool, but this theater had it all. Little buildings lined the walls of the theater, stores everywhere.  The speakers roared, the seats shook, and you could feel it in your heart. Mission Impossible in an IMAX theater was a hit and our IT Support SOS teams were in heaven.

How cool would it be to walk into the theater during the day and see a whole business computer service company? It’s not everyday that a company takes their employees out to have fun. After we watched a thrilling chase, we went out to lunch. What goes better with a movie than a barbecue? Our IT support group has become stronger, and have grown closer together.  Activities like these are just part of what helps us be the best IT Support team we can possibly be.

For our new business computer service campaign, IT Support done BETTER, we have changed many things. We are working hard to grow, and learn all we can. Computer support companies need to continue to learn all the latest programs and we need to learn new materials every time they come out. SOS Support is a company that stays up to date, and works hard to keep our clients happy. Why work employees hard without a nice reward every once in a while?

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