Is your medical practice safe from being hacked?

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Recently , several hospitals have been under attack by a cyber security threat called “ransomware”. Ransomware takes a computer network hostage until as ransom is paid and hospitals have become easy targets due to  the fact that they have highly sensitive information, provide critical care and  employees are not trained well on cyber security threats.

Generally, victims get infected with ransomware through phishing attacks that carry a malicious attachment or instruct recipients to click on a URL that downloads malware to their computer. But victims can also get infected through malvertising if they visit a web site that is serving up compromised ads. It is very easy to open an email accidentally and have the whole network become infected.

All medical practices and hospitals are therefore at a higher risk of such an attack. The media has shown that often these attacks have been successful for the hackers in receiving their ransom and therefore we can most likely expect to see more in the future.

To ensure you practice is safe against such attacks be sure to have a professional IT service  likeSOS|Support working for you to protect your sensitive data and have backups should a new threat overcome your firewalls.

The monthly maintenance it costs to keep your practice safe from such cyber security threats is a prudent investent when these threats have begun to increase in frequency.

Having a reliable computer network is crucial for any business’s success. SOS|Support is your IT Services Computer Network Lifeline. We have the skills and training to keep your business running. We provide fast reliable service 24/7. SOS|Support has specialists available for any and every aspect of all IT related issues. We are happy to meet with you for a Free Consultation to simply see if we would be a good fit to provide your business with top level IT and Computer support services.








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