Why Every Small Business Needs Tech Support

Small business owners have it tough. They have so many shoes to fill. A small business owner is HR, Customer Service, Accounting, Billing, Management and Staffing all rolled into one. Sometimes they are even the  janitor and handyman. In order to stay in the black, small business owners often rely on themselves to problem solve and opt for a DIY approach first and foremost.  One area where a small business owner should not try to DIY is tech support.

The knowledge and skill level required by an IT technician  is highly specialized. Tech support is far more than regularly backing up and in today’s world, cyber security is more important than ever. Cyber attacks have become increasingly more aggressive and threaten to hijack private information for profit. It is the business owner’s’ responsibility to ensure that this does not happen. For peace of mind, hiring a professional IT support service is the best and most cost efficient way to protect your business’ private information and to ensure that the operating system is never compromised. Many small business owners are wary of outsourcing due to the cost but in reality it is much more cost efficient.

At SOS Support we offer monthly maintenance starting as low as $5/ month. We understand how important it is that all small businesses can afford to be protected. By allowing remote access we reduce the expensive costs of having a technician make a face to face visit each time. We focus primarily on small and medium sized businesses and understand your immediate concerns. For more information on how you can ensure your operating system is safe, secure and running smoothly contact us today.



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