What's Next At SOS Support - Core Services To Get More Security

What’s Next At SOS Support – Core Services To Get More Security

What’s next at SOS Support:.

We have been looking into the best way to provide better value and higher security in accordance to some minimum and recommended CIS/NIST (Federal) IT recommendations.

1. We are going to be implementing the Shadow IT SaaS Monitoring service as a core service within our Guardian platform! We are really excited about this and believe it will help keep business networks more secure against hackers and keep employee productivity up. Keep in mind that your firewall is blocking a lot of unnecessary stuff – in fact, I would suspect 97+% of all content on the WWW is garbage! But beyond that, things that may not be a “threat” may still be “unnecessary”… That’s part of what this will bring to the forefront: more efficiency. We have our engineers currently going through training certifications as we roll this out. We plan on this going live for everybody by January 1st. For some, it’s already deployed!

2. Huntress Labs Breach Protection is already rolled out to approximately 40-50% of our client’s endpoints: The first week of October was a challenging week for MSPs with several major VoIP providers being taken offline after a targeted attack.
Plus, a major security protocol vendor had an extended outage leaving many IT Providers/MSPs unable to access Passwords and Docs to help support their clients, so this showed how important it is for MSPs to be thinking (and doing) more about Business Continuity.
Due to the alarming nature of ransomware and zero-day vulnerabilities, we feel strongly that Endpoint Breach Protection is to no longer be an optional service. We are going to be changing our MSP-Hybrid core service to include not only the service mentioned above (Shadow IT) but also Huntress Breach Protection. Some clients have already adopted this. We are rolling this out between now and the end of the year/Jan 1 at the latest. The cost difference is minimal if you already have Breach Protection as a separate line item but moving forward that will be part of the MSP-Hybrid line item for Hybrid clients (all Fully Managed clients have this already). Our Breach Protection agent is from Huntress Labs.

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3. With the mass roll-out of Huntress Labs Breach Protection, this service also gives us the ability to roll out “Ransomware Canary.” A tool to use for protection against ransomware is a canary file that rapidly informs your IT team if an attack has infiltrated the network. Cole miners used to bring Canary birds into the Coal mines to see how lethal the air was. This is very similar. The service will deploy “canary” files which IF they are ever detected as “changed” or “altered” in any way, it’s indicative of ransomware. Educational note: a typical Ransomware infection aims to stay around for a while, slowly wreaking havoc, so Ransomware on average is sitting on an affected system for 6 months before it’s activated! This additional service is no additional cost to our clients as this will be part of our updated MSP-Hybrid and Fully Managed client’s endpoint core services.

4. We are testing out the Huntress Managed Antivirus suite of software. We always do our best to use the best cutting-edge solutions and services – this is no exception. Indications so far by 3rd party testing sites and our own research is showing a clear-cut winner in this matter. If we do change to this provider, this will not affect the cost to our end clients.

Keep in mind, that previously, our main focus was providing a highest productivity for clients, but, now is to security first, productivity second. This is a big change in the way of thinking as a IT Provider/MSP compared to even 3 years ago! It has always been Productivity first, Security second! This is not the case anymore.

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