Vulnerability Management: The Next Level of Your IT Security Service

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Scanning alone isn’t enough to protect your data

If you are responsible for network security, don’t neglect to identify the weaknesses within your IT network. It can expose your business to hackers. Implementing a vulnerability management program can amplify IT security for your business.

Organizations that are merely patching and reconfiguring unsecured settings are in for an unpleasant surprise: It is not going to make their network any safer or less vulnerable to a data breach.

Adopt an all-encompassing perspective to get to informed decisions regarding which weaknesses to address first and how to alleviate them. To guide you through vulnerability management best practices, we have created an eBook that includes:

· Common mistakes that SMBs make

· Impact of data breaches on businesses

· Why patches aren’t perfect

· Why just scanning doesn’t help

· What more you can do to improve IT security

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