Three Reasons Why You Need SaaS Backup

Three Reasons Why You Need SaaS Backup

Having understood that your SaaS data is only partially protected, it’s time to look at three reasons why you need to tighten up loose ends and avail SaaS backup immediately.

Reason 1: Various Data Loss Risks and Security Threats at Your End
Here are some threats looming over your organization’s data and hardware/software infrastructure that can cause serious damage – enough to grind your business to a temporary or permanent halt:

• User error: Whether it’s falling for a phishing scam or mistakenly deleting crucial data, user errors have accounted for 23 percent of security breaches in 2020 so far.
• Illegitimate deletion requests: It’s impossible for a SaaS provider to determine whether a deletion request was done in haste or with malicious intent. It will honor your deletion request no matter what. One illegitimate command and poof! Your data will vanish.
• Sync errors: While introducing third-party tools into your IT environment helps streamline your business, it leads to the possibility of your valuable SaaS data becoming vulnerable.
• Insider threats: Malicious insiders have accounted for 30 percent of data breaches in 2020. One employee with malicious intent is enough to bring the whole house down.

In their respective SLAs, not even leading SaaS platforms, such as G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce, guarantee the security of your data from vulnerabilities at your end.

Risks and Consequences of Not Having a Data Security Policy

Reason 2: “Shared Responsibility”
Contrary to popular belief, SaaS providers are not responsible for protecting the integrity or availability of your data. Cloud security and data protection is a shared responsibility where cloud service providers (CSPs) are responsible for the security, reliability and accessibility of their cloud product or solution infrastructure, while customers are responsible for securing the data they upload and store on the cloud. Essentially, you are ultimately responsible for protecting your organization’s data from loss, destruction or unauthorized access and ensuring that the data is logistically, operationally and contractually secure and viable.

Even global data protection regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, have defined and emphasized the accountability to be shared by the controller (your business) and the processor (third-party service providers such as SaaS companies). It’s time for you to do your part. A study by Extra Hop claimed that by 2022, at least 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. You wouldn’t want to be counted among those businesses, would you?

Reason 3: SaaS Providers Lack a Robust Backup
A robust backup should ideally fulfill four basic needs – ease of backing up and accessing data, built-in capability to secure data from unauthorized access, quick recovery of data, and compliance with all major data regulations. Merely relying on SaaS providers to protect your SaaS data will not fulfill any of these needs. In the absence of a proper and complete backup, you are essentially playing Russian roulette with one of your businesses most valuable and vital assets – its data.

Invest in the Right Backup Solution Today

If you continue to wait much longer, you will eventually fall victim to a nefarious cybercriminal or even a simple, honest employee mistake that could compromise crucial data your organization runs on.

By investing in the right backup solution, you can ensure that your organization’s data is protected from a wide range of threats and drastically minimize the risk of a data breach. Talk to us today to help us set you up with an enterprise-class and robust SaaS backup solution that is tailor-made for your business.

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