Test these Computer Tricks!!!

So after some googling, we found out that people have complicated it by suggesting a different software. But then we found another simple way, in fact 2 different methods of recording without the software. So, that’s why decided to share this Computer Trick

As I feel many are still not aware of it and corrupting their PCs by downloading trojan software, so sharing it. Take a look at this Computer Trick

Method 1:

  1. Click Win+G.(might need multiple clicks)
  2. It opens up a tab like the one below. Just click click on the record option in the capture tab and there you go!! VOILA!! You can also click Win+Alt+R to start the recording directly.

screen recording

Method 2:

  1. Open the PowerPoint application and go to the Insert 
  2. The last option in the tab is a screen recording  Just give a click and record your desired tab you are working on.

power point


So the difference between these 2 methods is that you can do a crop screen recording with the 2nd method.

Thank you. I hope this comes in handy for you fellas.


  1. For the 1st method you can find the saved video under the location ThisPC>Videos>Captures.
  2. For the 2nd method, when you stop the recording, it’ll get you back to the PPT tab and from there you can right-click and save the media in the desired location.


Method 3:

  1. If you have Zoom on your phone and PC. Click on SHARE SCREEN and enter the meeting ID you have on your phone to join the meeting.


2. Click on the 3 dots in the pop and select Record.

screen recording

3. Record to the desired duration and zoom will save it with high-quality audio and in compressed size.



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You can change your colleague’s laptop password without even knowing the old one!

A simple trick which you can use to get access to your colleagues’ files maybe in case he/she were fired or quit his/her job

Amazing… Isn’t it?

Open your command prompt by typing cmd in the search box and then right-click and open with Run as administrator.

  1. Now type net user and it’ll fetch the admin name of the computer, Like in the above screenshot the admin name is
  2. Now type net user admin_name new password just like in the above screenshot, choose an Admin name as admin_name and 123456 as password. And you’ll get a final success message.

Now done !!

After that whenever your colleagues’ computer will be shut down or locked until it’s set up for another employee






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