POTS Lines in the USA must be replaced with an alternative service
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POTS Lines in the USA must be replaced with an alternative service


All POTS Lines in the USA must be replaced with an alternative service by August 2, 2022, according to The FCC. The FCC has issued Order 10-72A1 that mandates that all traditional analog copper POTS lines must be changed to fiber/cellular IP-based communication with no exception.


The traditional analog copper POTS lines of telephony are coming to end-of-life after 100 years. This aging infrastructure is disintegrating, and for many businesses, provides life-saving emergency communications to include: Voice Lines, Fax Machines, Fire Alarms, Elevators, Security Alarms, and more. This disruption can give your business some big challenges to overcome, if not urgently addressed…..and there is no time to wait. Side note: POTS meaning is simply “Plain Old Telephone Service”


Needless to say, this change may not be easy for everyone, because some alarm panels can be at least 20 years old, and they may need to be ripped out and replaced to allow IP-based communication. This may be very expensive and unaffordable, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic situation we’re living in.


Also, as it’s all being replaced with fiber, no one is laying new copper for POTS lines because of this FCC mandate. For example, when Super Storm Sandy hit through the northeast and flooded NYC, and the city went under stories of water, all those copper POTS lines corroded and were replaced with fiber.


So, it’s just a matter of time until they’re going to force the few remaining away from POTS/analog and over to fiber/cellular IP-based communication.


This is a clear example of how catastrophes lead to disruptive actions, that may change the way we interact with each other.


What this means for our clients:


If you have a voice line system or a security system that is not through a Digital provider (VOIP) or a Fiber/Coax provider, then this probably applies to you.


SOS Support can work with you to find alternative solutions.


We know that is tough and painful getting the equipment changed, especially when you made a huge investment years ago, but, the good news are that you may not pay as much for the different type of fiber or coaxial lines, as they’re in some cases cheaper than the copper ones. Aging copper networks are too costly to maintain and as many more subscribers are acquiring the fiber and coaxial services, prices will continue to drop.


If you need help in this matter just contact us! We can discuss how to proceed


Phone lines. Analog phone lines. Public switched telephone network (PSTN). The sounds are familiar, yet all these words have a slightly different meaning today – and the word “POTS” certainly stands for something different than it did back in the

pot lines are the most reliable, least expensive, and easiest to install type of telephone line. pots lines also more resistant to noise, making it a great option for homes and offices that have frequent use.


It is no secret that the world of telecommunications has seen a dramatic shift in recent years. As technology advances, so too does the need for more secure and reliable communication systems. This is why many businesses are now making the switch from traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines to fiber optic cables as part of their telecommunication infrastructure.

The main reason for this POTS replacement is because POTS lines are simply not equipped to meet today’s security standards set by organizations like The Council on CyberSecurity and National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) through the fcc order 19-72a1. These standards require companies to use stronger encryption protocols and higher levels of authentication when transmitting sensitive data over networks, which can be difficult with traditional copper-based telephone service providers such as AT&T or Verizon. Additionally, these services often come with limited bandwidths that cannot keep up with modern demands for high-speed internet access or video conferencing needs – something fiber optics can easily accommodate without any issues whatsoever. That’s why a pots line replacement is becoming vital.


pots line replacement benefits

Fiber optics also offer several other advantages over POTS lines including greater reliability due to its immunity against power outages; faster connection speeds; improved voice quality thanks to reduced latency; better scalability options if you ever need additional bandwidth in future; lower maintenance costs since there’s no hardware involved unlike copper wires which must be replaced periodically due wear & tear etc.. All these benefits make it an ideal choice for businesses looking forward into investing in a long term solution rather than short term fixes offered by legacy technologies like PSTN/ISDN phone services etc..

In conclusion, replacing your existing pots line infrastructure with advanced fiber optic cables may seem daunting at first but it will pay off handsomely once you start experiencing all the perks associated with this new technology! Not only will your company become more secure but also benefit from increased efficiency while enjoying cost savings along way! Change your traditional pots lines to cope with the most recent PCI security standards council with us!



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