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Phishing Link On My Android Phone

Clicking on the phishing link on any device, be it an Android phone, an iPhone, a laptop, or any other device capable of accessing them, causes no harm. The harm will be done only if, after accessing the link, you chance to input the right details that are being asked in the link; if you did not submit anything, you are completely secure and may just shut the connection as you would in a regular course of action.


The only problem or issue that most people face in situations like these is that they don’t know when a particular link is a phishing page link and when the site is genuine, so it is often advised that you open links only from trusted sources and keep an eye out for any kind of browser warnings or errors. If you suspect that the link is a phishing page link, you may enter incorrect information in the first try since it is standard practice among phishing page developers to redirect the visitor to the actual page after the first attempt to submit data. They would have already obtained the users’ information.


I hope this helps you and alleviates any concerns you may have about the issue.


However, if there is anything else you want to understand and learn about, please feel free to inquire.


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