Nokia 5G vs Huawei 5G

Nokia (Finland) has proposed to replace Huawei (China) in the 5G market in the United States. In comparison to Huawei, how advanced is Nokia’s 5G technology? Should Western Nations, give preference to Western 5G firms?



Professional accreditation. Unlike the other ill-informed responses, I know something about this: For years, I worked on cellular technology; my former startup is now one of the 5G centers; I worked for a carrier, and so on.


Some fundamentals:


  1. We are discussing network infrastructure, not devices.


  1. The three major vendors of 5G networks are Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia.


Tier 2 is Samsung and ZTE, followed by a slew of specialized businesses.


  1. Market share statistics vary, but they are all roughly equivalent. All three are capable of delivering a 5G network.


Nokia is a little slower, but it has inked 73 commercial 5G partnerships worldwide and is powering 23 live networks.


There will be feature and pricing variations, but the claim that “no one else can accomplish 5G” is just false.

As an apparent example, the United Kingdom has never utilized Huawei yet possesses Europe’s most advanced 5G networks.


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Private firms (BT, Vodafone, Three, and O2) make deployment decisions when constructing their commercial networks with shareholder funds.


And those business firms made vendor selections. Some people use Huawei, while others use Nokia and Ericsson (e.g. O2 uses Ericsson for 5G)

  1. In addition to 5G, Huawei offers a wide range of 3G and 4G networks. So, in addition to tearing out the network they are now building (and just paying for), they will have to rip out the networks that already exist, have been paid for and depreciated – and pay AGAIN for new networks. (Unless you suppose Britons will all switch to flashy new 5G handsets and we’ll be able to turn off the old networks?)


Furthermore, the majority of BT’s fixed broadband (xDSL, g.fast, FTTP etc)

So, once again, we must tear that out and spend money to replace what already exists. Delaying any fiber and rural broadband rollout.


It will take years and billions of dollars to prevent private enterprises from making commercial judgments to acquire Huawei. (After the compensation litigation, customers – or taxpayers – pay for it)


The question is NOT, “Can Nokia provide 5G?”

” – It can

“Given that enterprises have developed networks with Huawei, how long does it take and what are the repercussions of tearing it out and changing it?” it asks.

– What will it cost?

– How much time will it take?

– What is causing the disruption?


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