Is Russia doing a cyber attack against the USA?

Is Russia doing a cyber attack against the USA?

There are a few things to consider before making such a statement.


Cyberwar is a branch of conventional warfare. In the digital realm, it’s been used to steal, mislead, misdirect, and propagate propaganda, among other things (list could go on). Nation governments and criminal groups do this on a regular basis.


Russia engages in both direct and indirect cyber warfare.


Attacks on Estonia and Ukraine, for example, would be direct.


It becomes a little more tricky with the indirect ones. Proxies are used by Russia (and other nation governments). They hire someone to carry out the attack. As a result, they may claim plausible deniability while also causing confusion and misdirection.


Cyber-attacks are by their very nature clandestine. Access to such a unique tool set in the art of combat is, can be, and has been a huge advantage.


When it comes to this sort of technology, tactics, and processes, the United States remains on top. We had an advantage over the rest of the globe because we had a head start. Furthermore, as technology advances in the United States, the means available to safeguard the country get more advanced every day.


However, unless we can get more people engaged in: -Protecting America, this gap will gradually close.

-They should change their passwords on a frequent basis.

-As well as becoming more cyber-aware in general.

No amount of technology will be able to keep us ahead of the competition.


Sadly, many American companies don’t care to safeguard their cyber assets adequately, don’t invest the money, and don’t recruit enough staff to complete the job.

As a result, and for many years, our companies and organizations have been tempting targets for cyber thieves. If we want to, we can put a stop to these attacks. The people in charge of these organizations don’t appear to have the drive or energy to do so.


So, we think this is furthermore than just blaming Russia on possible attacks, is a matter of being aware of cybersecurity, to be empowered to face any attack from any part of the world.


In SOS Support, we deeply believe in having strong systems, to make America cyber resilience to any kind of external threat. Contact us and let’s discuss how to strengthen your systems!

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