How To Restore Data From A Lost Pen Drive

Pen drives may be the most adaptable piece of data storage equipment, whether they be papers, mp3 files, photographs, or movies. However, we cannot deny that data loss is unavoidable.



Let’s look at all of the options for recovering data from a pen drive.


CMD may be used to recover deleted files from a pen drive.


Connect the infected USB flash drive to a functional computer.


To launch Command Prompt, type “cmd” and click Enter in the search box.

To proceed, type a sequence of commands “chkdsk F: /f /r” and press “Enter” to proceed.

Wait for the procedure to complete and your flash drive to be recovered.


Note In the command “chkdsk E: /f /r,” replace “E” with the drive letter of your pen drive. And “f” is a command that instructs Command Prompt to repair the USB flash disk problems discovered by CHKDSK. The defective sectors of the pen drive may be found after using the “r” command, and all readable pen drive data can be restored in the meanwhile.




The program “chkdsk F: /f /r” may frequently repair a corrupted USB drive and restore pen drive data. If that fails, you can try the procedures below to restore deleted files from the pen drive.


Connect the thumb drive again and launch CMD on your computer.

In Command Prompt, type the letter of the pen drive, such as “H:,” and hit Enter.

Enter the command “attrib -h -r -s/s /d E: *.*” and press Enter.

Wait a few moments and then check your thumb drive device for missing files.

When you examine your pen drive, you will notice that the recovered data are saved in a freshly created folder in.chk format by default. You can alter the format and save it in a backup file.


However, if data is still not received after using the aforementioned ways, you can utilize a reputable data recovery program. Recoverit is a professional USB flash drive recovery tool that can assist you in recovering data from any data loss circumstance.



Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer, then connect your pen drive and ensure it is identified. To recover deleted data, use Recoverit Pen Drive Recovery and follow the procedures below.


Step 1: Choose the pen drive


To do USB drive recovery, connect and recognize your pen drive device on your PC. To proceed, press the “Start” button.


Step 2: Scan the flash drive


The app will begin scanning the USB device for data recovery. If you discover the needed pen drive files, you may pause or stop the scanning process. Stopping and restarting the scanning process too frequently may cause data damage.


Step 3: Preview and retrieve data from a pen drive.


After the scanning is complete, preview all recoverable files. Select your pen drive and click the “Retrieve” button to recover your data. (Obtain a secure storage medium on which to preserve all recovered files.)



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