How To Be A Cybersecurity Ninja

How To Be A Cybersecurity Ninja

Nowadays curiosity is regarded as ignorance when it comes to security. Whether you are communicating online, working in the cloud or storing things in the cloud, you are always vulnerable to attacks. Security can be very complicated, but you have to learn at least some tactics before starting protecting your company. So let’s finally get to it. Here are 5 resources that will make you a cybersecurity ninja in a short time!


Having a VPN:

A VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts all traffic that travels through it. A proxy is a third-party server that is used to provide an anonymous connection. Using a VPN will let you navigate safely without compromising your personal data.


Hiring a Managed Service Provider company:

Talking about SOS Support. We are an IT company focused on supporting small and medium businesses with their computers, networks, firewalls and all IT issues

Stop trusting any link you see on the Net:

Remember the term phishing? If you’ve read some of our articles, you’ll notice that phishing is the number one criminal activity for cybercriminals, so, beware of the links you catch while you’re browsing! And beware of the emails you receive. If you fall into these tricks, hackers can steal your personal information and your money. A true Cybersecurity Ninja knows when his company is being attacked, so, acts accordingly 



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Train your employees:

Outsource tech coaches, do weekly technology sessions and pay courses. Having an empowered team who react properly before data breaches and cyberattacks is important. We aren’t saying that all your employees must be cybersecurity experts, but at least, they must know the basics.


Do computer networking:

Computer Networking is about understanding how devices interact with each other and how data gets from point A to point B. A strong foundation in networking will make you a rockstar troubleshooter, whether you’re defending, or running day-to-day IT ops or just reacting to a situation. Understanding Network Access, Internet, Transport and Application Layer. Knowing what’s happening at each layer lets you see how things work. Don’t necessarily you need to be an IT expert, but at least know how the system works, to avoid any further damage.


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