How Mark Zuckerberg should have avoided the outage

How Mark Zuckerberg should have avoided the outage

We were witnessing the tremendous outage of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp in recent hours. We are so used to see those social media networks as the backbone of the internet, the most robust platform someone could have asked for, that, thinking about attacking them from outside, seems like an odyssey.

But, what happened, proved us to be wrong. Nowadays, there any plenty of dangers out there, every platform in the market, must apply a response plan in cases of threat signs, and rely on a highly qualified team

Here are 5 tips to improve the Facebook Corp IT Infrastructure:

1) Set your security standards higher

Even as shocking as it sounds, more than 77% of organizations don’t have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan, while almost 54% say they have experienced one or more attacks in the last 12 months. These incidents may have occurred because companies have gaps in their security systems, which may lead to promising hackers to dive into the core of their systems, and extract the clients’ information, as well as destabilizing the website, as we just observed in the case of Facebook platforms. When it comes to top-of-the-line security, it must start from the ground up. In other words, security should be embedded as part of your infrastructure—not as a separate layer. Implementing your security standards as part of your systems infrastructure is key to improve your IT infrastructure.

2) More Automating

Automatization means reducing the costs, stop wasting your team and client’s time, and more flexibility. You need to build a multi-cloud strategy plan, for attending to your client requirements automatically, and save data silos about previous issues that will be repeated. If you want to let your silos exist, you can connect up the different bits of data using ETL or, in other words, extract transform load pipelines. This allows you to bring important bits of data together for visualization or analytics. Also, build Data lakes that allow you to have a single source of truth. Those are great if you’re going with a cloud-first approach where you’re planning to do a one-off migration to the cloud. They hold raw data in all formats… Cool right?

3) Analyze your cloud choice

It’s necessary that the provider company will work with you one-on-one to design a customized cloud solution. You can have a face-to-face consultation with members of the technical and engineering team. In SOS Support we offer a 100% free assessment in which we can check your current security status and then, we can discuss ways to increase safety.

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4) Cloud computing

Hire a team of cloud consultants, who will help you assess, implement and manage a cloud solution to suit your needs. You can maximize your return on investment with the assurance of our secure and reliable network.
In the case of SOS Support, our consultant’s expertise in cloud computing makes us highly capable with these applications:
• Azure
• Sharepoint
• Microsoft Dynamics
• Office 365
• Skype for business
• .NET
• Systems Center
• SQL Server
• Exchange Server
• Windows Server

5) Establish an emergency plan

We witnessed Facebook just lacked this, and users across the globe were heavily affected because most companies use the platform to sell products and do marketing activities, so, hours of outage can cause millionaires losses. Establishing an emergency plan is mandatory. Through an emergency plan, you can recover the lost data, and establish a route to act in case of an attack from outside.

That’s a wrap, guys!

Remember, we offer a 100% FREE ASSESSMENT, just share with us your email address and telephone number and a member of our team will contact you ASAP

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