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In recent months, a drop in video card prices has been reported due to the fall in Bitcoin prices.

Nvidia and AMD: Card prices are falling down


Recently, a drop in video card prices has been reported due to the fall in Bitcoin prices.


In the last two years, video cards, mainly those of AMD and Nvidia, have experienced a crisis that caused prices to rise worldwide. Various factors, including component shortages, the coronavirus pandemic, the rise of cryptocurrency farms and resellers, have for years affected millions of gamers looking to build their own PCs.


The crisis of high prices in graphics accelerators has severely reduced the ability of consumers to assemble their builds. The gaming market in particular had to suffer this dilemma while the last two generations of GPUs, both from Nvidia and AMD, were launched.


The fall in graphics card prices

Although the aforementioned series (RTX Ampere and RDNA 2) were already launched more than a year ago, the news is still positive, as it also indicates that there is a tendency for prices to continue falling.


It should be noted that in order to make money, farms depend on video cards. You should always take into account the electricity consumption and compare it with the profits it generates. Before, what you produced was greater than what you consumed. Now electricity prices are higher and there is no long-term return.


What is happening now is that many cards that have been in use for a long time are being sold, and they are already spent, causing economic losses


The drop in the price of cryptocurrencies has provoked a similar reaction from GPUs, since, according to the same source, “mining becomes less viable.”


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According to data collected by the same source – which compares data between December 20 and 27 and January 17 and 24 – almost all the graphics cards analyzed reduced their price by 5% or more and some GPUs even exceeded 2 digits in their fall.


For example, the RTX 3080 (10 GB) – from $1,804 to $1,595 – and the RX 6600 – from $586 to $518 – decreased in value by 11.6%, followed by the RTX 3090 – from $2,829 to $2,550 – which did so by 9.8%, or the RX 6800 – from 1,263 to $1,149 – 9% lower.


At the same time, the volume of GPUs sold on eBay – the market analyzed by that source – also fell for almost all models compared to the last week of December.


Thus, only the RTX 3090 – from 312 to 336 units – and the RTX 3070 Ti – from 217 to 241 units – increased their sales, by 7.7% and 11% more, respectively.


On the contrary, the largest falls were located in the RX 6800 models, 65.4% below -from 26 to 9 units-, in the RX 6600 XT, 32.3% lower -from 155 to 105 units-, and in the RTX 3070, which experienced a fall of 30.8% -from 504 to 349 units-.


The same media explains that the comparison between the week of December and January has also revealed several anomalies such as that the price of the RX 6900 XT increased by 3.7% during the last month, despite the fact that consumers bought 20% fewer cards.


In addition, the same goes for the RTX 3090, whose price fell by 10%, but increased its sales by 7.7% or with the RTX 3070 Ti, which experienced a fall in value of 0.5%, but reported 11.1% more units sold.


The same source points out that, if the current trends in the prices of cryptocurrencies continue to fall, while maintaining a high production of graphics cards, prices could continue to fall.

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