Best Internet Tricks That Will Make Your Life Simpler

Best Internet Tricks That Will Make Your Life Simpler

At Windows, you can do scripts that rename files, for example, or create folders that obey patterns. You can write them using vbscript.

Using hotkey in Windows can save your time for access programs or do actions, like minimize all windows (WIN+M), activate Windows Explorer (WIN+E) or close them (ALT+F4 or CTRL+W).

MS Word
You can use MS Word’s function Mail merge to create forms that you just need complete with information that constantly changes and the other informations can be fixed at the document! You can create fields that update automatically too, like date fields.

At internet, you can use some Google Tricks. If you want to search just pdf file types, you can write at the search box “abc filetype:pdf” (you can access using Advanced Search, it’s just a shortcut to that).


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Hide a file inside an image

  1. Create a new folder anywhere in your system.
  2. Select all files you want to hide and get them zipped using WinZip or WinRar.
  3. Select an image file like ‘selfie.jpg’ in which you want to hide your ‘accounts.rar’.
  4. Place both ‘selfie.jpg’ and ‘accounts.rar’ into the folder you created.
  5. Open command prompt (press ‘Window+R’, type ‘cmd’ & press ‘Enter’ key).
  6. In Command Prompt window, navigate to the folder where you placed both ‘selfie.jpg’ & ‘accounts.rar’ files. Example: cd D:\New Folderin Command Prompt.
  7. Type following command very carefully in Command Prompt:
    copy /b selfie.jpg+accounts.rar selfie.jpg.



Gmail’s confidential mode

It means you send an email and recipients cannot forward it, copy it, print it or download it.

You can set an expiration date for it, and protect it with a password.

This makes me want to sign off by saying “after you are done reading this message, it will self-destruct.”


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