7 Things You Didn't Know About The Cybersecurity Industry

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cybersecurity Industry

In SOS Support, we bring you 7 things you might didn’t know about the cybersecurity industry

  • Companies can lose up to 2$ trillion in a year due to cyber crime: One of the scariest thing is to wake up one day and have it all taken away from you because you logged on to a weird website or you used your credit card somewhere different. It’s even worse when you’re a company and billions of dollars are at stake. Studies show that in 2021 cyber fraud has a value of an estimated $12 billion in incidents globally, higher than it ever has been. Cybercrime products are very advanced and these days when people are so fed up with corrupt governance and the lack of resources… Anything can happen. Sadly, a lot of people have thought about it.


  • Less than 2% of this industry is done by humans: There used to be a time when cyber security was a very demanding job done 100% by humans 24/7. Nowadays, things have changed and with modern technology this industry has turned to be one of the most advanced in the world, over the years automatization has become such a big phenomenon, that only 2% of cyber security is done by actual humans. Robots and other software have replaced humans in a matter of decades. They still need humans to keep the machines and programs running and safe, so, that’s why efforts must be done in order to assure humans are well-trained and aware of the current risks company are under.

  • Everything connected to the internet is at risk: The pictures you post on Instagram or anywhere can be used for all sorts of evil purposes. The same applies to any device connected to the internet, like your phone or your TV. Nowadays with the IoT (Internet of Things) even your own house is at risk of been hacked. So, whatever smart technology you use or fingerprint PIN codes try to secure everything with a trustworthy 2-step authentication, strong passwords… Even insurance!. All those movies you see on TV are inspired by real-life events

  • Tech companies are offering free software to help secure future elections: To prevent third parties from interfering with future elections some tech companies are offering free software to help secure them. Although some people are skeptic about companies giving cyber security for free.


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  • Amazon has a market capitalization of $770 billion: Is important to pinpoint that the most important and richest company is not necessarily the one who has the strongest cybersecurity system. Although billions of dollars are poured into this industry, it’s surprising to see which one invests the most, and that company is the giant Amazon. Jeff Bezo’s company is the one that has the biggest market capitalization of this industry

  • Edward Snowden uncovered 1 of the biggest global surveillance system ran by the NSA: Evidence that the NSA was secretly building a vast database of US telephone records – the who, the how, the when and the where of millions of mobile calls – was the first and arguably the most explosive of the Snowden revelations. Up until that moment, top intelligence officials publicly insisted the NSA never knowingly collected information on Americans at all. After the program’s exposure, US officials fell back on the argument that the spying had played a crucial role in fighting domestic extremism, citing in particular the case of four San Diego residents who were accused of providing aid to religious fanatics in Somalia.

  • Yahoo was the victim of the biggest data breach in history: The bigger the company the higher the risk for cyber crime and attacks, small companies are at risk too, even individual people that seem to be irrelevant for a hacker. By far, the most damaging data breach happened six years ago. Yeah! We are talking about the famous Yahoo cyberattacks that exposed the data of three billion accounts over the period of a year