Managed Service Provider

3 Steps To Grow Your Managed Service Provider

Sell Stuff (New Clients + Harvesting)


Getting New Clients on board is nothing but something you need to be diligent about, and something you need to spend at least 40 hours a week for, if you want to harvest clients.

So, if the business person is the person selling, they’re fundamentally resigning the sales job in your organization, to a part-time job.

You better hire a sales representative manager!


Get busy (More Tickets + Proyects)


You cannot underestimate that getting someone focused that much per week is not gonna change your business. You need to excel in selling, that means doing workshops and investing on sales coaching, because if you don’t, you’ll have to skip to the third stage. Also, it’s important to determine who will be in charged of each division (Marketing, PR, Web Developing, Copywriting). It’s not recommendable to put the CEO to sell or the same guy to do all the aforementioned activities.


If you don’t hire anyone and you become super conservative and hold on to what you’ve got, you’ll fail in the Managed Service Provider industry.


You need to answer yourself: 


Are you an entrepreneur, or you’re simply a business owner?


Hire: (Mistake – Not Hiring Take Risk)

You can earn tons of millions of dollars in sales, by selling yourself, but you’ll stop taking care of the essentials parts of the business.


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