10 Best Cybersecurity Software Apps For Android 2022

10 Best Cybersecurity Software Apps For Android 2022

Cybersecurity is changing in gigantic steps. Cybersecurity was valued in 68.34 billions of dollars in 2013, while in 2022 will be valued in 155.83 billions of dollars. The amount of money invested hasn’t come in a surprise, given the fact that we’re facing an unexpected circle of cyberattacks from different parts of the world. From Russia, the 2016 presidential elections will be remembered as the outcome of the work of hackers, to China, through the American companies’ intellectual property been heavily violated, so many secret formulas could be stolen to create Chinese products.

Because cybersecurity is always evolving, we need to check the status of our networks as quickly as possible, and we cannot think about a better way of doing it than through android software apps. That’s why in SOS Support, we bring you 10 best cybersecurity software apps for android

So, let’s begin!

Norton Mobile Security

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Norton Mobile Security is a cross-platform mobile security platform designed for tablets and smartphones. This subscription-based security package provides real-time proactive protection, including malware removal and prevention. Norton Security also includes performance optimization features, email spam filtering, phishing prevention, and a personal firewall.
Norton Mobile Security provides effective and robust security for both iOS and Android devices, while also safeguarding users’ personal information from online frauds, new and emerging cyber threats, and malware. The web protection tool identifies harmful and fraudulent websites such as MMS, SMS, applications, emails, and social networking sites, therefore protecting users’ personal information. Norton alerts users when a harmful network is accessed or when the network is under assault, therefore protecting users’ money and personal information.

This preventative measure guarantees that only virus-free programs are loaded on a user’s device. Norton Security also provides an app advisor that uses top-tier patent-protected screening technology to safeguard smartphones from risks such as ransomware, malware, privacy breaches, and adware. The mobile security tool also includes device security, which warns users to vulnerabilities so that proactive measures may be performed. There’s also a device report card, which shows a 30-day review of previously detected wireless networks, dangerous apps, websites, and device vulnerabilities. Additionally, the product includes SMS security, which filters text messages that may contain phishing attempts. For further security, the security app allows users to create a virtual safe that can be used to lock programs individually.

Norton also provides comprehensive web security through the use of many features such as Safe Search, Web Protection, Wi-Fi Security, Link Guard, and Wi-Fi Privacy. Norton Mobile Security comes with 25GB of storage space and the option to acquire extra at a prorated fee.

The download procedure is fairly simple. To download the app, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store on your Android or iOS device. Once the utility has been downloaded, click the install button and select “agree” to install it. After finishing the installation, press the “open” button. This will take you to the Terms and Conditions page, which you should carefully read and then continue to the next page by selecting the “continue” button.

Click the sign-in option from the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then enter the email address and password linked with the software. Then, click the sign-in button and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

An illustration of the notion of cyber security software.
Now that the software has been successfully installed, the following step is to launch and use it. To do so, start the program from an Android or iOS device’s home screen. Open the app and choose your favorite purchase method. Proceed to select a desired plan, sign in to the Norton alert presented on the screen, and click the sign-in/register button to instantly activate the mobile security tool.

The security app is now ready to protect the device.

Norton Mobile Security is fast and efficient enough to detect mobile threats of any kind. The security tool is easy to install and is devoid of irrelevant inquiries and complexities. Norton is also available at an affordable price and the interface is intuitive. However, the app sometimes takes a long time to scan apps, websites, and other tools and a free version is not available. Finally, Norton does not offer an anti-theft function anymore.

Norton Mobile Security isn’t free, the tool offers a one-year subscription plan. While this plan previously cost $29.99 per year, at the time of writing there is a sale on the official Norton website, selling this plan for $14.99 per year. This subscription covers one device.

The device is now protected by the security app.

Norton Mobile Security is quick and efficient enough to identify all types of mobile threats. The security program is simple to install and free of unnecessary questions and complications. Norton is likewise reasonably priced, and the UI is simple to use. However, the software can take a long time to analyze applications, websites, and other tools, and there is no free version. Finally, Norton no longer has an anti-theft feature.

Norton Mobile Security does not come cheap; the tool requires a one-year membership. While this plan used to cost $29.99 per year, at the time of writing, it is on sale on the official Norton website for $14.99 per year. This subscription covers one device.

SpamTitan Email Security

SpamTitan Email Security, as the name indicates, is an advanced email phishing security technology that detects and blocks harmful attacks while also preventing spear and whale phishing. The spam filtering solution is designed for schools, managed service providers (MSPs), and enterprises to assist in the prevention of viruses, spyware, spam, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other email threats. This system may be installed either in the cloud or on-premises.
SpamTitan safeguards the user’s device by screening all incoming and outgoing emails in real-time. However, in addition to checking messages, the program examines attachments for the newest viruses; if danger is discovered, the app prevents such communications from being received.

SpamTitan’s predictive technology may also anticipate new and future threats, allowing the program to avert a zero-day attack. SpamTitan detects and protects against viruses via email, email spam, harmful URLs, malware, phishing assaults, and other email-related hazardous threats.

Email security is critical for companies and organizations because malware, viruses, spam, ransomware, and other forms of malware may cause significant harm and, ultimately, financial losses to firms of all kinds. SpamTitan provides dual anti-virus protection, which improves the efficacy and efficiency of spam filtering. The program also supports blacklisting and whitelisting, recipient verification, sophisticated reporting, and outgoing email scanning.
An illustration of the cyber security software concept SpamTitan, which contains sophisticated data leak prevention (DLP) procedures to prevent internal data leakage. As previously noted, the software’s predictive technology, the app can predict new attacks and also prevent zero-day attacks.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This is an all-in-one mobile antivirus and security program that safeguards the data, identity, and mobile devices of users. The program, which has been deployed on over 200 million devices and has over 155 patents, and has analyzed over 100 million apps, provides data backup, virus prevention, and remote administration for tablets and smartphones.

Lookout Security & Antivirus checks files and applications for malware and viruses, allows users to select which apps may access personal information, and protects devices when surfing from web-based dangers. The software also notifies you of security breaches, offers anti-theft features with top-tier lockdown settings, an amazing privacy advisor, and a great antivirus tool.
Lookout Protection and Antivirus has powerful mobile security that protects devices by detecting and preventing threats before they can do harm. This security tool also guarantees that the Wi-Fi network is safe and secure by alerting users when they join a risky wireless network or when the Wi-Fi is under assault. Users may keep personal information secret by using the app’s privacy adviser, which reveals which applications can access a user’s contacts, whereabouts, identification data, and messages. Lookout Security and Antivirus provides secure surfing, and the system adviser scans a user’s device for root detection to ensure the system runs smoothly. All of these features combine to make Lookout Protection & Antivirus an essential piece of security software for millions of users.

On Android, the whole download size is 15.95 MB, but on iOS, it is 85.4 MB. However, the needed IOS device version is 12.0 or later for the iPhone and 12.0 or later for the iPad. Version 5.0 is the minimum necessary for Android.

Google Play Protect

google play logo.png

This is an all-in-one mobile antivirus and security program that safeguards the data, identity, and mobile devices of users. The program, which has been deployed on over 200 million devices and has over 155 patents and has analyzed over 100 million apps, provides data backup, virus prevention, and remote administration for tablets and smartphones.


Malwarebytes is an American online security firm that focuses on malware protection for customers’ devices. This cross-platform anti-malware program scans for, identifies, and removes malware and viruses. Malwarebytes protects PCs from viruses, hackers, malware, ransomware, and other emerging dangers, allowing for a virus-free online experience.

Malware, which primarily serves as a scanner, detects and removes adware, spyware, malware, and other malicious applications. Rather than inspecting all open files, the program scans apps and files in groups. This lowers interference and disruption if other on-demand software is running concurrently with the app. However, once a program is downloaded, the security utility does not perform any nefarious actions, indicating that Malwarebytes takes a proactive rather than a reactive strategy.
There are many several Business Plans. Businesses will have to pay $49.99 per device each year to cover between one and nine devices. Businesses may also subscribe to the 10 to 99 malware endpoint protection package, which typically costs $69.99 per year but is now $52.49 due to a 25% discount. The package costs $69.99 per device per year for enterprises with more than 100 users. Finally, organizations will need to pay $249.99 per device per year for server security (which includes sophisticated malware cleanup and threat prevention for small to medium-sized enterprises); however, there is a 25% reduction on the plan, so the plan now costs $187.49 per device per year. Each premium plan has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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DriveStrike is a device and data security solution for devices that have been lost, stolen, retired, or gone missing. Users can employ cyber security software to secure devices that are no longer in their possession, preventing the compromise of the user’s data. DriveStrike is suitable for professionals, schools, corporations, organizations, and people that need to safeguard their devices and data against theft, loss, and compromise.

The free 30-day trial allows users to try all of the app’s capabilities. However, continued usage beyond that is charged for. There are many plans available, with the major distinction being the amount of devices covered. It costs $2.00 per device per month and $20.00 per device per year to safeguard between 1 and 20 devices. A monthly subscription fee of $9.99 is charged for devices numbered 21 to 100, a monthly subscription fee of $1.50 per device is required to be paid while the annual fee for a device is pegged at $15.00.To protect from 101 to 500 devices, a monthly subscription fee of $1.35 and an annual fee of $13.50 per device are required. Lastly, to protect more than 501 devices, a fee of $1.25 monthly per device and $12.50 annually per device is charged.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

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This cyber security software provides active protection against emerging cyber threats; to avoid zero-day assaults, Acronis use anti-ransomware technology in conjunction with AI-based static anti-malware analysis. The CyberFit Score, for example, examines some security data, finds weaknesses, and then proposes a solution to improve a client’s security. Additionally, the solution allows clients to analyze devices for vulnerabilities and update all apps and operating systems to avoid cybercriminal exploitation. Acronis also includes a monitoring and reporting system that helps to simplify operations while also providing personnel with the information they need to solve problems. Users can rapidly detect and resolve issues using the app’s ability to customize dashboard widgets.

Acronis Cyber Protect provides a variety of plans from which clients can pick. The Acronis Cyber Protect Essentials package is the most affordable, costing $59.00. There is also the Acronis Cyber Protect Standard ($79.00) and the Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced ($119.00).



Securden is one of the greatest Android cybersecurity applications. The app is an endpoint security package designed to give enterprises of all sizes control over programs, privileged access, and remote endpoint control. Administrators may also utilize the password vault to manage, store, and transfer encrypted keys and certificates.

Businesses value Securden for a variety of reasons. To begin, after the program is installed, users may save all passwords, logins, documents, keys, and other identities in a centralized vault. This information may also be organized and classified using the program for quick access. Users may also use Securden to find privileged accounts on Linux, Windows, and Mac devices, as well as programs and databases. Users may also designate account ownership and exchange passwords with team members while still in control of the account. The program has also placed limitations on who may access certain passwords. Access may be provisioned and de-provisioned in real time.

While Securden isn’t as light as other products reviewed thus far, it is still small enough to take up little space, with a file size of 22MB.
An illustration of the notion of a cyber security software program.
The download procedure is simple. Simply go to the Google Play Store and type in the app’s name. To begin downloading, click the install button. The following procedure, on the other hand, is rather time-consuming. To install and use the app, users must enter their Securden login information and follow the prompts.



ProtonVPN, like other VPN services, provides users with protection. With the goal of making online privacy accessible to everyone, ProtonVPN provides customers with a private internet connection as well as superior security technology that is simple to use and free. Users of ProtonVPN may be confident that they are protected from online security threats and that they are not being tracked by internet service providers (ISPs).

Proton VPN comes with a slew of features that have improved the software’s appeal among its users. Among these are the fact that the program includes a free edition with unlimited data consumption and does not jeopardize user security. This security program is also ad-free and user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows users to experience cyber security with little o no stress

ProtonVPN also provides a varied geographical distribution of servers, with over 500 servers situated in 54 different countries. In addition, ProtonVPN enables for up to 5 VPN connections and quick and secure P2P sharing among users. Paid editions of the program, on the other hand, include more functionality than the free version.

An illustration of the notion of a cyber security software program.
On the Android operating system, the ProtonVPN desktop software is 20MB in size. This size, however, may differ between operating systems and devices. Regardless, the software only takes up a little amount of storage space on the iPhone.


last pass logo.png

LastPass allows users to save passwords, addresses, credit cards, and other sensitive information in a safe location. The information may then be obtained automatically by the software whenever the user need it. This makes online form filling and other similar tasks easier since data may be auto-filled. Furthermore, LastPass provides internet security for users, letting them to access online accounts safely. This is accomplished through creating safe passwords to replace weak passwords, warning users to potentially dangerous or damaging data, implementing a strong multi-factor authentication system for user accounts, and other measures.
When a user signs up for a new account or changes an existing password, LastPass creates a strong password for them, giving them with an extremely dependable password that uses all four types of characters (lower case letters, numbers, upper case letters, and symbols). Additionally, while accessing onto secure websites, this password manager encourages users to preserve user login information. The user, on the other hand, has the choice to refuse this option. The password manager also has a “emergency access” option, which allows users to provide trusted contacts access to their vault. Another feature of the program is a 1GB storage space (for free users) and up to 10GB storage space (for premium subscriptions) for keeping user information in an encrypted fashion. Multi-factor authentication, security challenges, and other features are also available.
This program provides users with a free plan as well as a variety of premium options. Individual and family plans, as well as paid plans for corporations, are examples of paid plans. For Single Users and Families, the Premium plan costs $3 per month, while the Families plan costs $4 per month – both come with a 30-day free trial. In the Business Plan category, there are two options: the Teams plan, which costs $4 a month, and the Business Plan, which costs $6 per month. Both provide a 14-day free trial period.

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