Monet Medical Vice President Testimonial


“I’m Scott Gentry, the Vice President of Operations at Monet Medical in Salt Lake. We are a medical company that specializes in repair, calibration, refurbishing and reselling of medical equipment. We’ve had a relationship with SOS for as long as I’ve been here, about 9 years and they’ve taken care of pretty much of all our IT needs, whether it’s hardware, software, network security, just everything. We don’t really have a lot of time, we are a small company so each one of us have multiple responsibilities and SOS is very responsive, it’s almost like we have our own in-house IT department without having our own IT department in house. Whether we have an emergency and we have a computer down immediately or it’s a longer term project like when we built our new facility here and brought it online, Jason was there to help with the infrastructure and everything that we needed to do it right and it’s been a great relationship; we’re a big fan.

One example of our relationship with SOS that I think kind of highlights what we really value, is last week we had a situation where our network firewall went down due to service interruption based on some IP address conflicts. We’re a sales company so all of our sales people without internet are completely down and obviously that’s critical in the middle of a sales day. In addition we had other support functions that went down, our shipping through UPS all-of-a sudden is frozen, we can’t ship packages and so it’s very very critical. We got ahold of SOS and let them know where we were at. In less than an hour we had somebody here, they contacted our internet provider, had the IP issues resolved, and we were back up and running. That’s kind of what I mean by having your own IT department in house, even though we don’t have that, we have that same level of responsiveness and that is really what we value about SOS. When it comes to our relationship with SOS and my relationship, I actually use SOS at home for my internet security and my own personal residence but also for a company I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SOS to anybody. They’re the kind of small business that everybody wants to deal with, they have good people, they’re easy to talk to, they’re very responsive, billing is always great. Without hesitation I would recommend SOS to anybody that needs IT solutions.”

Scott Gentry
VP of Operations, Monet Medical
Salt Lake City, UT

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