Consultant & Council Member Testimonial

IT Support“My name is Marcia White and I live in Ogden, Utah. I am here to tell you a little bit about my experience with SOS Support. I’ve known Jason and his team for many years. They have actually worked on my business and I have used their services throughout the years. Now I am in a home-based business where I am actually a consultant here in Ogden. I am currently serving as the chair of Ogden City Council, so between that and my consulting business, I am out running around and the last thing I want to worry about is any IT issues. I know that those guys are there to help me if I need them, they’re 24-7 to answer my calls.

One of the nice things about having SOS Support help me is that I have a healthcare consulting business, in which I have data that needs to be HIPAA secure. They’ve set me up, even within my home, to have a HIPAA compliant firewall so that I don’t have to worry when sending information over the internet. One of the other nice things about using SOS Support, is that I use a Mac and they understand the Mac world as well. If I have any issues, they have a program that they have incorporated called SOS Guardian. This is nice because I don’t have to have them come up and be physically on-site, they come remote into my computer and fix whatever is needed. Whether that’s through my PC, through my Mac, or even through the firewall that we’re using. I would recommend SOS Support to anyone, they are there to support you and they are there whenever you need them. I would recommend them to small, large, medical, anybody that needs IT support for their businesses.”

Marcia L. White
Consultant & Council Member
Ogden, UT

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