Brzowski Plastic Surgery Testimonial

brzowski“Hi, I’m doctor Brian Brzowski, I am a plastic surgeon in Ogden Utah and owner of Brzowski Plastic Surgery. I am currently serving as the president of the Utah Plastic Surgery Society, this is my second term in that role. I also serve on our National Plastic Surgery Society. My practice is an elective cosmetic surgery practice. I’ve been doing a full breath of elective cosmetic surgical procedures exclusively for the last 10 years and we pretty much cover the gamut when it comes to the needs of our patients. We’ve been using SOS Support for all of our hardware and software support for 13 years, ever since we’ve been in existence here in utah. We have had excellence from them in every level. They have provided us with stellar service. They have gone above and beyond to nearly every phase of our interactions with them. We can always get ahold of them any time we have emergencies, and we have emergencies in a very active clinical practice all the time. Having them be able to respond quickly to us when we need them to get us back up and running in the office has just been a wonderful thing.

I strongly encourage you to consider SOS Support for your software, hardware or any type of electronic needs. We really have a great reputation of representing the needs of our patients, which is why everything that we do here has been really directed towards what’s effective for patients and what really is in their best interest. The other great things about SOS Support is their awareness and expertise in managing all of our compliances, as everyone knows there’s been a tremendous explosion of regulatory things that come down on us in healthcare. It’s almost on a daily basis but SOS stays right on the top of everything so that we can maintain all of our compliance with HIPAA laws and even more importantly to me is that trust that the patients give us with their information. I know that SOS Support is really out there actively watching to make sure that we avoid any data breaches and they’re just really really really strongly supportive of everything that we need to do and they’re watching out for us at every place.”

Brian Brzowski
Owner, Brzowski Plastic Surgery
Ogden, UT