Backup Your Data!

Backup Your Data!

Just a quick shout out from SOS Support, your IT Support in Salt Lake City, UT!

Security is a huge concern for small businesses.  Something that goes hand in hand with security is reliability.

Many of you small business owners out there rely on a lot of electronic data, which could be saved anywhere from your own personal device to somewhere on the internet.

That data is important, and should be treated importantly!

Here at SOS Support, we talk all the time about backing up your data.  We have different options for different situations, but we always make sure your data is protected!

In 2014, many different big servers had failures and crashes, caused by anything from viruses to fires.  These outages can cause a lot of temporary problems and difficulties.  Some of the bigger outages came from places like Dropbox, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft Exchange.

When things like this happen, data, as well as valuable work time, can be lost.  This is why we emphasize the benefit of a solid backup.  If your data isn’t backed up properly, now is the time to take care of it.

As mentioned earlier, here at SOS Support we have a wide variety of backup options that will work for any person or business.  Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will recommend exactly what is best for your situation.


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