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Tips You Must Know About
Hiring an IT Company

A Computer Consultancy Guide By

This computer consultancy guide aids you with the questions you should be asking your IT consultant, provider, before you hand your computers or network over to them.

The tips in this guide will help you choose the best computer consultant firm available in your area. Choosing the wrong computer consultant for support can end up costing you time, data-loss, and a lot of money. This guide has been created to help you find the right IT company that won’t cause you headaches or frustration.

This guide helps you to discover…

  • Secrets about the IT services industry that most organization managers/owners don’t know and many IT guys never tell them about.
  • The top 20 questions to reveal in minutes if your IT support technician is unethical or incompetent.
  • Main misconceptions that occur while hiring an IT consultant and tips to avoid misunderstandings BEFORE hiring a firm.
  • Virus, worms, spyware and hackers: What you need to know.
  • Mistakes to avoid while choosing an IT firm.
  • One surefire sign that you should run – not walk – away from a computer support firm

About The Author

Jason Kidman founded SOS|Support in 2004. Jason, as the owner of SOS Support, he has a great love with computers. He has turned his passion into profession by launching this awesome company. He is an expert of onsite troubleshooting and PC fixing. After graduating with his business degree, Jason started the company SOS|Support.

Did You Know The Computer Repair/Consultant Industry Is NOT Regulated?

This is not commonly known and an embarrassing fact about the computer consultant industry: it is not regulated like other professions. Anyone can claim that they are computer repair experts, but this is not always the case. In fact, many of the businesses in the computer repair/consultant industry started because the owner was fired or laid off and couldn’t find work anywhere else. This means those claiming to be “experts” could be useless or incompetent who may cause more damage to your network servers than help. Most industries from lawyers to plumbers are heavily regulated to protect the consumer from receiving substandard work or getting “ripped off”. However, the computer industry is still highly unregulated and lack any laws to protect the consumer. This is one of the main reasons this guide was created – to protect YOU.


This guide will also let you know the available benefits in a professional IT outsource company and give you useful information to avoid from the unethical or incompetent people who claims to be the “best” computer consultant.


The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through the so-called “computer repair experts, IT firms, managed solution providers, etc. and the reliable IT firms to make the best choice. Even if they are honestly trying to do a good job for you, their inexperience can cost you dearly in your network’s speed and performance or in lost or corrupt data files. There are many reasons we decided to write this guide, a big one is to make sure you have high expectations and standards while you receive reliable, fast, quality, support.  

Questions You Should Ask Your Computer Consultant Before Trusting Them With Your Network

Backups and Disaster Recovery:

1. Question: What are their monitoring systems for onsite and offsite backup in case you lose your important data, can you rely on them to provide your backups?

Our Answer: We know the value of backup and provide tailored, high-level backup solutions because we know they are incredibly necessary. On the other hand we provide remote backups to our clients, it doesn’t matter to us how big or small your data is or if you have 1 PC or 30 PC’s and 5 servers.

2. Question: Do they INSIST on doing periodical tests to make since you are not going to lose your data in the repairing process or it can be resorted in case of disaster?

Our Answer: SOS|Support provides the frequent and regular data monitoring and backup service that insures them that their data can be recovered. We always take care of your data and help prevent disasters. Our technicians always use the most secure ways to keep your important data safe.

3. Question: Is the repairing company going to back-up your network prior to the system upgrade?

Our Answer: We plan in detail the upgrade to be a simple and safe process. In case of hardware or software failure we first secure your network then perform upgrades.

4. Question: If you were to experience a major disaster, do they have a written plan for how your data could be restored FAST and/or enable you to work from a remote location?

Our Answer: We always deliver an easy to understand disaster recovery plan in written format. We always try to provide you the full disaster recovery plan as well, we work to resolve your network issue.

Customer Service

5. Question: Do they answer phone calls/emails right away or do they wait to call you back to resolve your problem?

Our Answer: SOS Support team is available to answer your phone calls 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week to provide you with great customer support and resolve your computer problems. We work to resolve your problems efficiently so you won’t be left waiting. We know the value of your time as it is incredibly frustrating to hold on for couple of minutes let alone longer than that.

6. Question: Do they offer guaranteed response time after your call?

Our Answer: Once you call in to our client support services we forward your instructions immediately to our technicians and they are notified within 20 minutes or less. We provide in writing for every client’s service needs.

7. Question: Does the company take responsibility to keep you updated with what’s going on with your network and stand ready to answer all of your simple, technical or non-technical questions?

Our Answer: We train all of our technical staff to answer all of your questions and let you know the computer problem in terms you can understand (we don’t speak geek). Our staff will help you in a sincere manner without belittling your computer knowledge.  

8. Question: Do they consistently (and proactively) offer new ways to improve your network’s performance, or do they wait until you have a problem to make recommendations?

Our Answer: Our management and technicians are alerted through our 24/7 network monitoring technologies that can be used to resolve your computer issues. We conduct team meetings to find the best ways to resolve any IT issues and increase the efficiency. In the meetings we set goals to help our clients in more proactive way.

9. Question: Do they provide detailed invoice/bills about what you are paying for?

Our Answer: We provide you invoices with details of each service provided on your account. We always assure the invoice accuracy before sending your invoice details and make sure clients are well taken care of.

10. Question: What are the guarantees of project completion?

Our Answer: As a well structured IT firm we guarantee to complete the project on time. The completion guarantee time is really important as the unethical or unprofessional “computer guys” never tell you an exact time the work will be done and may require extra time completing a project. In the case unforeseen issues arise, we are known for our resilience and commitment to finish the project. We encourage you to contact any of our clients as references.

Maintenance of Your Network

11. Question: What are their business working hours and network monitoring hours to protect your systems from virus or other malware attacks? How much do they care about your downtime while repairing your computer or resolving the issue?

Our Answer: In short, IT never sleeps! We provide 24/7 monitoring support and always have an eye to resolve any problems, security issues and any other threats that could potentially turn into bigger issues. It doesn’t matter how big or small your problem is; we will do our best to prevent or treat them.

12. Question: Do they have other technicians on staff who are familiar with your network or can assist you in case your regular technician goes on vacation or gets sick?

Our Answer: This would be a major question raised in organizations’ mind, What if the relevant person got sick or on vacation? If this is concerning, you are absolutely right. Our company is a team with multiple skillsets who are capable to handle all of your company’s IT issues.

13. Question: Has the computer repair company agreed to provide you with the updates of your security issues related to each system to make you aware of system updates?

Our Answer: We provide detailed monthly system reporting to our clients that let you know the health score of your computers and provides you all detailed updates of your systems and security. We are not limited to this as we perform all important checks like backups, speed, updates and system performance. We are not only providing monthly report but also can deliver robust quarterly reports according to client’s’ requirements.

14. Question: Is there any written document provided by the company that contains all details including software license, passwords, hardware information and user information?

Our Answer: We provide upon request all of the documentation containing user information, hardware information, critical passwords, software license and other important details about your IT.

Technical Expertise and Support:

15. Question: Is the technical staff familiar with the different businesses’ and different applications?

Our Answer: We know or learn your client’s business line of applications and our technicians are well familiar with all kinds of software to resolve your IT issues. We also work as your liaison between you and your industry specific software to make sure the applications are supported properly.

16. Question: What are the response times of the technicians when you call for an issue?

Our Answer: We have a professional technical team that can always be reached in case of any support you need from us whether scheduled or emergency. We dress professionally and show exemplary professionalism during the service calls.

17. Question: What if there’s a problem with your internet, phone system or printer?

Our Answer: We own your problems no matter what they are! During our support calls we try to resolve these issues as well. This is another way we are making our services better compared to other IT support companies.

18. Question: Do they provide support for third-party USA or overseas companies?

Answer: For better helping clients, we routinely act as liaison for industry specific software/applications. An example of this is the ELectronic Healthcare System, EMR. We have decades of combined “liaison” experience.

The Most Costly Misconceptions About Maintenance & Computer Repair


  • Genuine software licensing.
  • Actual response time to service requests.
  • Salesmen cutting corners to “make” the sale.
  • Contracts? We have never required contracts! Our proof is in our service quality!
  • Lack of honesty and integrity.

Avoid These 4 Mistake When Choosing An IT Consultant

1. Choose them based on one phone call:

As expert computer consultants having years of experience our client’s #1 complaint about previous IT support is turnaround time to service requests. Your service request process typically starts with a phone call or email but you must ask them the above shared questions. On the other hand the competent professional starts with an audit of your computer issues and lets you know which parts/software/upgrades/changes need correction and all processes will be thorough and documented. We have met a number of people who claim they are the expert in computer repairing but they are not. Your computer repairing process typically starts with a phone call but you must ask them the above shared questions. On the other hand the competent professional starts with an audit of your computer issues and lets you know which parts/software need correction and all things will be in written format.

2. Choosing a Computer Consultant with a lengthy contract:

The expert IT firm knows how to fix things right and they are competent with your systems. In our experience, people just want an honest IT firm. Our belief is that we let our service quality and team approach speak for itself. We do not require contracts! On the contrary, we provide written service level agreements so our clients know exactly what they can expect.

3. Choosing them without speaking to their current & previous clients:

Before handing over your IT needs to a computer consultant or IT firm you must check their references! If some have only 2-5 routine clients don’t take them for your computer repairing. The professional computer consultants have their own website you must check their testimonial section and contact the clients if possible or you may ask your computer guy to share some of their current clients’ contact information.

4. Choosing computer consultant who cannot monitor your computer network and provide update support remotely:

Today we are living in the era of technology development, with computer technology getting enhanced rapidly. As a professional you must be aware with the computer updates you need. A good IT firm always helps you to be alert with each new update and provide you full monitoring support to avoid preventable problems and be proactive.

5. Choose a “one-man shop” approach for cheap prices:

It is not possible to be successful as a “one man shop”. There are too many behind the scenes maintenance and services required for quality support. Also in case of emergency, a team is required to provide you the quick and quality service you need.

FREE Network Health Check For All Prospective Clients Who Want To Put Us To The Test!

As a prospective client, we would like to offer you a FREE consultation and network assessment ($250 – $1500 value).  
We Will:

  • Meet and discuss any needs or concerns.
  • Perform network assessment then compile your data into a presentable document.
  • Prepare a roadmap, proposal, and gameplans

Why We Care About This?

As we all know today a dozens of hackers and viruses are hitting the computers in order to save your computers from those kind of unethical acts and control your computer network remotely we are providing the best solutions to all of our clients. We genuinely care about our client’s and their IT problems which is why your problem becomes ours until resolved. Every business needs a tailored solution from an IT firm that has the client’s best interest in mind.

SOS Support provide various system checks and updates that should be done on a regular basis to ensure maximum speed, performance, and security. Ignore them and your system will get progressively slower, and unstable.

Since 2004 SOS Support is treating the clients with the best professional service at an affordable price. We want to win the trust of our clients by establishing a great long term relationships with them.

SOS|Support serves over 50 businesses in Utah on a regular basis. We pride our company on communication, reliability, organization, reputation, client satisfaction and personalized service.

Request your FREE network health check today!

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Does Your Current Computer Support Stack Up?

Review this checklist to find out! How can you tell if you are receiving poor or substandard service? How do you know if your computer guy is doing everything possible to secure your network from downtime, viruses, data loss, or other frustrating and expensive disasters? Could your current technician actually be jeopardizing your network? If your technician or IT support provider does not score a “yes” on every point, you could be paying for substandard support.

Do They. . .

  • Monitor onsite and offsite backups?
  • Offer HIPAA or FISMA secured backups and IT?
  • Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • Guarantee a Response Time?
  • Have Reliable and Fast Response Times?
  • Have a Pro-Active Nature of Services?
  • Offer 24/7 Monitoring & Support?
  • Have an After Hours On-Call Hotline?
  • Have a Client Portal to View Service Status?
  • Have a Team approach or a 1-2 Man Shop?
  • Have Detailed Monthly Reporting?
  • Provide Detailed Documentation?
  • Offer Industry Specific Software Support?
  • Arrive in Professional Manner and Dress?
  • Offer Support for CC Readers and Phones?
  • Offer Liaison Support for 3rd Party Vendors?
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