Starting A Small Business? Don’t Forget IT Support.

First time business owners have a lot on their mind. There is capital to secure, new employees to hire, renovations, marketing materials, the list is long. One area that can take up a lot of time and cause a lot of stress is setting up and securing your operating system.


In today’s digital world, cyber threats and security are top news stories that affect everyone from small business owners to top government agencies. A smart business owner can’t ignore the importance of ensuring that their information is secure and that their operations are never compromised through a cyber threat.  This firsthand account of a small business owner makes the argument for outsourcing and hiring an IT Support company to set up and maintain business operations from a tech standpoint.


When Tyler Johnson decided to start a small business, he thought it would be easy to set up his own computer system and networks. Johnson was all set to run his finance company until he discovered all the wiring in the older building he leased was completely outdated. After calling around to find the right IT company, Tyler’s former co worker recommended an awesome IT support business.


Johnson could have not been more pleased by his coworker’s recommendation, “within 3 days they re-wired the whole property and now we have communication into every part of the building!” Confident with his new setup, Tyler pushed towards his business launch which was less than a month away.


Johnson had the desire and drive to make his small business succeed. He came from a long line of entrepreneurs and knew it wouldn’t be easy but he tried to be prepared for everything. It was just a day before his official launch when Tyler found himself needing help with managing his emails and setting up a good anti-virus with firewalls.


This was a glimpse inside the technology world he didn’t have to deal with working for a fortune 500. Feeling discouraged Tyler was starting to believe he would never launch his new business, “How am I supposed to handle these computer issues? Ugh I really bit off more than I can chew.”


Fortunately, Tyler had the phone number for the IT company that had helped him previously on hand and called without hesitation. After how efficient their previous service was, Johnson trusted them with this frustrating emergency.


Jason, the owner of SOS Support arrived early that same afternoon to Johnson’s building. This was the kind of support he needed if he wanted to make his launch in time.

With the help of the team at SOS Support, Tyler Johnson was finally ready to launch his finance business! With the excitement of the launch he completely forgot about the maintenance and preventative measures he should take to keep his computers up and running. A friendly follow-up call from Jason was just what he needed to remember. After having 2 issues in a short period of time, Tyler thought it would be crazy not to set up a monthly maintenance plan.


So, what’s one part of starting a successful business? Find a computer company that cares about your success and is available when you need them! SOS Support dropped what they were doing to help Tyler not once but twice. This kind of quality service helped provide peace of mind, launched a new business in time and created a solid foundation with a new client.


But that’s not all you should look for in an IT company, the second secret is to look for a company that provides preventative maintenance. Nothing is worse than hiring a company that will only create more problems for you in the future.


SOS Support firmly believes in preventative and proactive maintenance which is why they offer monthly service plans.
To find out how your business can benefit from an IT Support company contact SOS Support today.



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