Small Business Are At Risk For Being Hacked

Small Businesses Risk Hacks

Most small business owners aren’t aware of the growing trend of  hackers targeting smaller enterprises’ internal computer systems. Media coverage of hacking has thus far been focused on the issue of big businesses being targets with ransom ware. Small businesses are less likely to make the news so there is less awareness of the serious rise to hackers targeting small businesses.  Even though the ransoms that are asked for from big businesses are obviously more lucrative, the lack of security that small business have in place make them easier targets. Sixty percent of all online attacks in 2014 targeted small and midsize businesses, according to Timothy C. Francis, enterprise leader of cyberinsurance at Travelers.


Small medical offices are especially targeted due to the sensitive patient information they need to keep.  What’s worse is that experts say ransom ware attacks can be so damaging to revenue and customer expectations that many small businesses are forced to close after. Hackers gain entry when employees click on malicious links in emails or download infected material. Phishing attacks, which use malicious emails to steal data, are also on the rise.


Thankfully, installing adequate  security can be inexpensive and fairly simple. Regularly updating antivirus software, installing firewalls and strengthening passwords are a good base. Considering putting data in the cloud rather than on company servers, which may be more vulnerable is also a worthy investment. But often, given lean staffing and technical knowhow it makes more sense and can cost less in the long run to hire a firm that specializes in digital security.


With SOS Support you can be sure that your small businesses will get the protection it needs from the current cyber security threats. We specialize in small businesses, especially in the medical industry and provide 24/7 support at affordable rates. It’s like having you own IT department on hand.

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