Small Business Apps We Love Right Now

Small Business Apps We Love Right Now

A favorite topic of ours and one we get asked all the time is; how our small business clients can operate more efficiently with tech. As tech experts we are always on the look out for new apps and technology that help our clients compete in the big leagues. Here are some of our favorite apps of the moment.

4 small business apps

  1. Evernote. We’ve talked about this before but it just keeps getting better and makes more sense in todays world where work is not only done from office desks but also from mobile phones and tablets on the go or in the office. Evernote allows everything to run seamlessly. The app lets you turn your notes into PDFs or (for premium users) instant presentations. You can also add reminders to individual notes, which will sync with your Google Calendar. Add tags to make your notes easier to find.
  2. Basecamp. A project management tool that allows you to create to-do lists, share files, and communicate with your team. You can invite users to individual boards and have discussions within the group.

    3. CoSchedule. a great tool for scheduling and project management alike. A great part of is that it works well for scheduling blog posts and syncs up with WordPress.

    4. Slack. For those with a virtual offices and employee. Similar to a private chat room, Slack lets you create specific threads (called channels) and invite team members to join the conversations. You can also send individual users private direct messages.

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