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Is Your Information Secure In A Natural Disaster?

Secure Your Office In Case Of  Natural Disasters

Recently two tornados touched down in Utah, we don’t normally get Tornados here but we now know that you can never say never! Natural disasters seem to be more common these days with the extreme weather we have been experiencing. Having a disaster plan for your family is a good idea but what about your business?

In a natural disaster, ensuring secure information for your  company may not be at the top of your list, but by then it may already be too late. Having a system set in place, ahead of time is the best course of action when it comes to preparing for a natural disaster and  helping you have piece of mind.

If a tornado swept through your small business office tomorrow, would you permanently loose important data? If the answer is yes, or “I don’t know” then you need to call SOS Support and schedule a free consultation. Offsite backup starts at just $15/month. Onsite backup is enterprise grade best in class backup solutions. It’s IT Support you can can count on, especially in a crisis.

Some of the great features we offer in case of a disaster are:

  1. Server redundancy: Power and Data (Raid)
  2. Onsite Backup & Replication
  3. Offsite backup for extreme disaster


By having a government level encrypted grade offsite cloud backup in case of total disaster we ensure that you data is always safe and secure whatever the weather is out there.


For more information on how you can secure your small business or for any IT Security questions  contact us today.

SOS Support is the lead IT company in the Utah area for small and medium sized businesses. SOS Support provides remote and onsite assistance for companies in the Western United States and are specialists in cyber security.

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