Microsoft Windows Update Crashing Computers (again)..

Quick tech update for businesses. This morning I had about 10 notifications regarding “IT News” from various sources all related to the same topic. When this happens, something is a big deal.
Around 6 months ago a Microsoft Windows update crashed millions of computers.
Now, it’s happening again.
Despite new attempts to overhaul Windows upgrades, the platform continues to anger users with poor quality updates and questionable transparency. And now Microsoft has had to issue another major warning to all Windows 10 users.  (Updated 02/17 with new reports of user data being deleted)
Pushed to users as part of its latest ‘Patch Tuesday’ updates, Microsoft has confirmed the KB4524244 security update bundled in it can cause system freezes and crashes across every supported version of Windows 10, from Windows 10 Home right through to Enterprise and Server. Unfortunately, KB4524244 was available for four days but Microsoft has now stated it has been pulled for good.
KB4532693 is also causing system crashes.                         (Source Credit:
Not to get too geeky – here’s what this means for you and all that matters: 
1. If possible, review your Windows updates manually ASAP. You can do this by opening the System Settings, go to Windows Updates and review a list of updates to be installed. 
2. Look for these update names: KB4524244 and KB4532693
3. Uncheck these two updates and hide them from future updates
Note: If SOS Support manages your computers this is already done via scripted remediation through our remote support tool called SOS Guardian and you shouldn’t need to worry as we have proactively put a permanent defer on the update.

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