Increase Mobile Productivity with FSS

Increase Mobile Productivity with File Sync & Share
How often do you see people working on their laptops or tablets in coffee shops? Probably a lot, and this is going to become even more the norm as the traditional ‘workplace’ changes. For example, some companies don’t even give their employees personal workstations, and almost everyone is expected to be available 24/7. As a result, there is absolutely no place that is sacred from becoming a temporary workstation. Workers must now be able to access, share and collaborate on documents from anywhere, at any time.

If you are going to expect your employees to work off the clock, and to do so at home, in the car, in a hotel or the backyard, they are going to be far more effective and willing to do so if you make it as easy as possible. One way to do that is to provide them with a business-grade set of collaboration tools that make document sharing easy. Sending Word documents back and forth for markups among a group is tedious and is a recipe for version control tragedies.

Instead, consider the value of a complete collaboration tool that everyone can access from anywhere using any type of device that makes document access and collaboration easy and secure. Your employees and your bottom line will appreciate the increase in productivity.

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