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Secure Your IT Systems with Our New CyberHawk Service

Secure Your IT Systems with Our New CyberHawk Service


With the ever-increasing threat of suffering an online attack, businesses across the world are improving their IT security packages and in-house protocols in order to prevent damaging security failures, potential fraud, and the reputational damage that a data breach would incur.


Many firms opt to invest by improving their firewalls, expanding their anti-virus software and purchasing the latest malware-prevention devices. But did you know that most security vulnerabilities happen inside a business?


In fact, today over 70% of all cyber security issues are the result of internal failures, not external attacks. Internal security breaches are not something any firewall, anti-virus or malware device can stop.


How Does CyberHawk Work?


The CyberHawk appliance secures your IT system against any internal threats. It does this by reporting any unusual or abnormal activities in real time which means you can sniff out the threat and stop it in its tracks before any damage is done.


The program is manually configurable so you can have it programmed to protect yourself against specific internal threats such as:


  • Unauthorized logins or attempts to restricted computers
  • New user profiles suddenly appearing on the business owner’s computer
  • Applications being installed on a locked down system
  • Unauthorized wireless connections to the network
  • New or unusual users being granted administrative rights
  • Unusual midnight log-ins by a day-time worker
  • Sensitive personal data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and birth dates being stored on machines where it doesn’t belong.


It is easy to see why these potential threats could be so damaging particularly if you work with highly sensitive client information, such as medical or financial records.


You have to ask yourself if any of these scenarios occurred in your business today would your current security solution alert you to the threat and be able to stop it in its tracks?


Dynamic Learning and Reporting


CyberHawk prowls your entire network daily at a time of your choosing and alerts businesses to any suspicious activity via email. Users then have three options provided via dynamic links: “Remediate”, “Investigate”, or “Ignore”.


Once a response has been indicated to each threat CyberHawk uses machine learning and intelligent tagging to identify suspicious changes and threats to your company’s internal systems. This appliance also gives users the ability to manually add smart tags to prevent continuous “false-positives”, so you know every threat that is being reported is relevant.


Why Choose us to Implement CyberHawk?


Here at SOS|Support, we are always staying on top of the latest technology and software in what is one of the most dynamic industries on the planet. We know that you don’t want to suffer losses at the hands of an internal security breach, so we are here to help you prevent them from ever happening in the first place.


We can implement the appliance quickly and quietly to minimize any employee disruption, and if necessary we can handle any suspicious threats and anomalies presented by CyberHawk effectively for you without adding any extra hassle and stress that a potential breach can bring.


If you would like to talk to us in more detail about CyberHawk and how we can use it to protect your business, then make sure to contact us today so we can start the conversation about your company’s cyber security needs.  


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