How Your Company Can Protect Itself Against Cyber Security Threats

Cyber crime continues to rise. Cyber crime is not just affecting big brands like Samsung and JP Morgan, it is affecting every business no matter what the size and importance. According to research by the Business Continuity Institute, cyber crime remains the biggest threat to business since 2016, ahead of the skills shortage and terrorist attacks. Despite this, many businesses are still unprepared or not properly protected from a variety of security threats.

If companies don’t have proper system security measures in place when there is a security breach, it can result in  lasting repetitional damage, financial losses and fines.

So, what can companies do to better protect themselves and their customers’ sensitive data from security threats?

Prevent an attack by taking practical steps to improve your cyber security. Your cyber security checklist should include the following:

  • The latest antivirus software.
  • Firewalls to protect your network computers from external attack.
  • Data Encryption.
  • Complying with your operating systems regular updates.
  • A regular backing up system.
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Continuous employee training on cyber security.
  • Protocols and infrastructure to track, log and record privileged account activity.


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