Check for Gaps When It Comes to Sharing Files

Check for Gaps When It Comes to Sharing Files
Every technology department is keenly aware of the risks of data breaches. Maintaining digital security is a key priority for CTO/CIOs. Technical departments launch fake internal phishing scams to test employees. Despite these efforts, there remains an important daily disconnect that risks the integrity of your internal data and your client’s confidential information. That disconnect is file sharing.

When an employee needs to share information, how are they doing it? There is a good chance they are emailing Word docs or PDFs, texting attachments or using any type of file sharing product they are familiar with. Perhaps when they work collaboratively with a client, they use whatever the client is familiar with.

An important factor in corporate security is implementing an FSS solution that provides not only ease of use, but the highest level of security available. A good FSS platform eliminates the need to email files. It also creates optional levels of access that includes password protection, view only and download permissions.

In short, give a serious look at what is happening with file sharing at the individual employee level when you do the next security audit at your company. You may find a significant gap that threatens your data integrity.

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