The Secret to Getting Great IT Support

From A Client’s Perspective:

IT Support done Better

Since 2004 SOS|Support has led the industry in Responsiveness with 24x7x365 Support. Find out how SOS|Support can fulfill your company’s Outsource IT support and management needs.

We custom tailor OUR services to fit YOUR needs.

SOS Hybrid Services: Shoestring budget IT support for your small business. Our Core services are billed monthly starting at $7/mo. per computer.

SOS MSP Fully Managed: We are your virtual IT department.  Industry best solutions and services customized to your size company for Cyber-Security, Disaster/Data Protection, Pro-Active Support, Maintenance, Monitoring, & Unlimited Support all for a lower price then hiring an employee. We are experts!


Contact us today to schedule a no-charge, no-pressure consultation. SOS|Support does not have an aggressive sales staff. We take a fact driven consultative approach that our clients appreciate.

SOS|Support has been honored to receive the “Utah Top 100” Fastest Growing Company awards for 2017 & 2018.

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Utah fastest growing company

SOS|Support has been recognized in the 2017 & 2018 Next Gen 250 list as a standout “Cutting Edge” IT Solution Provider.

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SOS|Support has been recognized with the coveted Global Top MSP 501 Award setting us apart from any other IT Company in Utah.

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Free Business IT Guide

– Secrets about the I.T. Services industry that Business owners and managers don’t know and MOST I.T. providers never tell them

– Top 20 questions that will reveal within minutes if your IT Support provider is unethical or incompetent

– Viruses, malware and hackers: What you need to know

– One surefire sign that you should RUN – not walk – away from a computer support firm!

Business IT Guide Author, Jason KidmanBusiness IT Guide author; Jason Kidman


Jason Kidman founded SOS|Support in 2004.  His passion is to instill Integrity, Strong Values, and Great Communication into the way SOS provides support for their clients. Jason wants clients to feel SOS as a Partner and an Asset.

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The core of SOS Support’s business is to treat every client with the best professional service while establishing win-win relationships. We will never sell or recommend something your business does not need.


SOS was built on the foundation of customer service with these 4 focuses:

Constantly Connected

SOS Support makes the IT experience uncomplicated for our customers by being connected constantly for easy communication. You can make one call, send an email, or open a ticket in our portal and rest assured your IT issue is our priority. We pride our company on communication, reliability, organization, reputation, client satisfaction, and personalized service making your experience with us an easy one.

Right the First Time

SOS Support provides high quality, unique, tailored solutions and Fully Managed I.T. solutions for businesses. Our clients are the most important part of what makes SOS a successful company. This quality of work is what sets us apart from other IT companies along the Wasatch front and Salt Lake City.

Your Emergencies are Ours

We provide pro-active service and constant IT support for our customers offering a variety of services depending on needs such as Emergency Support, SOS Support, and After Hours Support

Packages Tailored to You

SOS Support is competitively and aggressively priced. We offer select services and packages for customers to take the guesswork out of selecting services, making your IT experience trouble-free.

We provide IT support for the following companies…

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