Windows vs macOS: Which is better for 2023?

It’s time for us to go and take a look at Mac OS and compare it against Windows and see which operating system you should go ahead and use in 2023

Now we will tell you that we are a group of people who are doing such crazy things on their devices but we use our MAC machines a lot and we use Windows machines a lot and we use Windows on Macs a lot via Windows BootCamp, so there is a lot of overlap between a lot of features of Mac OS and windows and we will definitely tell you there’s not one that’s like way better than the other one if you have a Windows PC and you enjoy it then we think it’s perfect, but if you have a Mac machine then we think you’ll enjoy that too but we will say if you have an Intel Mac you can install Windows on that device… But for Windows machines, you can’t really install Mac OS unless there’s like something, like, Hackintosh thing you build and this is like a Linux version that looks like Mac OS things like that.




On Mac OS we have a great time doing things like video editing Photoshop editing and just basic work so usually use Mac machine and the reason for that is tools that Apple has made are so natively intertwined within Mac OS, so things run so smoothly that a lot of these applications that we use on an everyday basis like Final Cut Pro or Safari and Apple Notes are already built in within Mac OS, natively runs so well for us. If we do something on our Mac we can go and pick up our iPhones and pick up from there now. Windows is very similar. Windows has its own applications you can use but we have always found that if you’re getting a decent Mac OS machine and you get the equivalent Windows machine you are probably going to get a better-performing machine for the most part from the Mac than on the Windows.





You can get Windows machines for much cheaper prices than you can for a Mac, you can build out your own customizable Windows PCs that are more powerful than probably a Mac at the comparable price. We will also say that there’s a lot more flexibility in that price tag, since you can build out your own machine on the Windows PC now by comparing different hardware that’s behind it, you do have the ability to kind of change things out here and there.

We will also add that a lot of Windows laptops and Windows PCS definitely take more chances on their designs which is very interesting so of course we’re talking about the operating system here but it is a really nice thing when you’re getting a machine that you didn’t have to spend a crazy amount on and you are still getting very very good power for sure.


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Windows looks a little bit more professional to us. We’ve always liked that with Mac OS it does seem a little bit too similar to iPhones and with iPhones, it seems a little bit too childish. We get the same Vibe everywhere we look on our iPads on our Macs on our iPhones and some people like that. We’ve always felt like with Mac OS they should be able to change a few things here and there and with Windows we will say you have a lot more flexibility on your look you can change a lot more you know you can install a whole lot more things.

We would say because there are just a lot more tools and a lot more customizations going on on the Windows side than on the Mac OS side so if you’re somebody who likes to really Tinker around with the way your PC looks, with a Windows PC you might be able to do that a little bit more than with the Mac now, of course, you can change your accent color you can change where your dock is placed and so many other things like the colors in dark mode and all that within Mac but we still think with Windows you may have a little bit more of an edge there, which has always been something.

We like now the smoothness and the fluidity is really going to be based on basically how good of a Pc that you have. Windows has done a pretty good job keeping things more stable and I think that’s another thing that kind of keeps in mind there too now with software updates both of these operating systems get updated all of the time so there are updates all the time. Also, the cool thing about Windows we think is that there are more devices that can support Windows 11 than there are that support Mac OS you know the latest one so I think for the device list you’re definitely getting way more devices that support something like Windows 11 than on the latest version of Mac OS.



video games


When we talk about video games, we always have to wait so long on our MAC machines and this is a very annoying thing. We just wish that it were a lot easier for games to be ported on for both devices. Nowadays, it is a little bit easier we’ve gotten a lot more games and a lot more emulators supported on our Macs so that is really good, but that’s like a recent development in recent years. Mac has become powerful.

We’ve seen Windows has gotten such a head start, because there are so many games available on something like Windows and that is something that just always makes us happy, even Valor it’s still not available in Macs, but even on top of that, with something like these third-party emulators, the thing is that these are developers that aren’t massive teams, it’s usually just a couple people making a certain application and there’s just not that many resources to Port a game like this over to Mac.

So a lot of the times there’s any third-party development going on it usually starts with a Windows PC, so that means not only now in the past games that are made but in the future the next time a massive game comes out or massive emulator comes out it’s probably not going to be available on Mac verse it’s going to be available on Windows first and the other thing that is that we have to wait a long time before something like that is ported over to our Macs.

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