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Windows VS MacOS Market Share Per Country 2023

Windows vs MacOS per country


United States

When we talk about the United States, 30.4% of people use Windows, while 16.05% use MacOS. This has come as a surprise since iPhone is topping the chart with the highest percentage of usage, while Android holds second place. The rest of the market share goes to Android and Ios, and if you want to check the article we made about these topics click this link



Is important to understand Europe as the group of countries that form the European Union. This group of countries varies tremendously, from Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy) whose living standards are higher and whose consumption behavior are prone to more expensive products, while Eastern Europe, coming all the way from communism had a shorter time living under capitalism, tend to have lower incomes per capita while picking up cheaper products.

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Being said this, 36.2% of the market share goes to Windows, while 7.51% of the market share goes to MacOS.


United Kingdom

united kingdom

While the United Kingdom, belongs to Europe, we need to consider it as a separate entity, since the nation left the European Union in 2016. Windows has been the leader of the operating system market, with 2022 being the year with the highest growth for the American company, with 69.42% of the market share on the British Isles, while MacOS ranks second with 23.24%


South America

south america

Ranging from Venezuela to Argentina in the southern portion of America, this beautiful land contains a promising market for technology companies, since they’ve been experiencing rapid growth thanks to crops and oil and gas.

South America’s disparity between Windows and MacOS is HUGE, since the first one holds 33.55% of the Market Share, while MacOS lays back as far as 1.76%.


This is up to different factors for example, the number of sanctions the USA has imposed on some South American countries (Like Venezuela, and Nicaragua), leading them to get difficulties importing American goods, so, they’ve been keeping old Windows devices while they cannot afford MacOS ones nor the latest Windows devices. Or, because of the lack of Apple official stores.




Our northern neighbors prefer Windows with 36% of the market share, but, compared to other countries, the distance between Windows and MacOS is shorter. MacOS occupies 13.96% of the market share.






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China appears with 27.07% while OSX appears with 2.14%




As of September 2022, Windows was the most widely used operating system in Japan across all platforms, with a market share of more than 48%. iOS, which occupied about a fourth of the market, came in second. Operating systems’ monthly market share across all platforms in Japan from September 2021 to September 2022


South Korea

south korea


31.35% is the percentage of market share Windows holds in the Republic of Korea, while MacOS holds 2.57% percent of the market share. The Kpop and Kdramas nation is worldwide famous for their penchant for innovation and top-notch technology. Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are just a few examples.




Continuing with the Windows VS MacOS ranking, we go directly to India, the Asian nation leads 16.46 for Windows while 0.64% for MacOS





Speaking about Africa, over there, the breach is enormous between the two operating systems. 18.43% Windows while 1.52% MacOS



When we talk about Oceania, we refer to Australia, New Zealand, Papua, and New Guinea and the tons of islands of Polynesia. On the other side of the world, 33.79% of the market show belongs to Windows, while 15.38% of the market share belongs to MacOS


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