Two Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Created Meta

Two Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Created Meta

Before we understand what Meta is all about, we have to first study the two reasons why Mark Zuckerberg decided to create it:

Changes in the legal structure:

Basically, Meta is the new name of the conglomerate of companies he owns, which include Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, WhatsApp, among others. It is a change of the name of the corporation for law purposes. Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the name so he could avoid tough questions from Congress or another kind of investigations.

In this way, he will be able to register Facebook, Instagram, and others, under the name of other people, and he will be able to hire new CEOs for each of them. These new CEOs will represent the platforms when they testify before Congress, when there is some investigation underway, such as what happened in 2018, when they called Mark to testify about the use that was given to user data.

Importantly, this is not a novelty, Google did the same with Alphabet, and it is an ingenious move so that presidents can have fewer legal responsibilities, and focus on innovation.

Internet 3.0

Meta is a system that includes virtual reality, a space where people can create a 3D avatar, enter different 3D worlds designed to emulate different everyday activities, such as the office, gym and even go back thousands of years in time and experience the same sensations that people who lived in those times felt.

Do you want to take a hike in the mountains next to Bear Grylls, from the comfort of your home? You certainly can. As CEO of a multinational company, you will be able to attend the launch of a new product, in the virtual office of Coca-Cola, along with CEOs from other parts of the globe. Universities can begin admitting global students, especially from developing countries, for special mixed reality lectures by Ivy League professors.

Imagine being able to control your home with your cell phone, no matter where you’re at the moment. The Internet of Things is another Meta’s principle. With Meta, you can create a profile for your house, and you can go from turning on / off the lights to blocking the entry/exit of people, as well as controlling the temperature of the refrigerator … Even cleaning!

From SOS Support, we deeply believe that Meta can bring technology and growth together, so, giving more opportunities to people in developing countries. Many can participate in economic activities, no matter where they’re located, and they can improve their lives and their families’
The only thing that is necessary to do, in order to apply this, is improving internet connections around the world. Making the internet more accessible must be the main goal of governments in developing countries.

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