Top Stories About Windows For 2022

Top Stories About Windows For 2022

Talking about Windows 11

Regarding Windows, Microsoft has already said that the next version of Windows 11 will begin shipping in the second half of 2022, which lines up with Microsoft’s new release beat for Windows in general.

The current engineering schedule has mainline development on version 22H2 scheduled for completion in May 2022, with a final build expected sometime in the summer and general availability in the fall.

Version 22H2 is said to serve a similar purpose to that of Windows 10’s version 1511, which focused on “finishing off” the OS with features and changes that simply didn’t make it in time for the initial release. This will include features such as a true system wide dark mode that touches legacy UI in addition to modern interfaces, and the return of missing functionality, especially around the Taskbar.

Users will be able to download new Widgets from the Microsoft Store, for example, unpackaged apps from outside the Store will be able to provide their own widgets as well. Android app support is also set to ship with version 22H2.


The next feature update has the codename Sun Valley 2. It will introduce new functionality to the operating system, notably support for Android applications by integrating the Windows Subsystem for Android in the operating system. Other improvements include updated applications and overall polishing of the system, which some users felt rushed by Microsoft.


Windows 11 is still being rolled out to all compatible devices at the time of writing. The next feature update version will be offered to devices that Telemetry considers to offer the best upgrading experience. Rollouts happen over periods of weeks or months, and Microsoft expects to offer the free upgrade to Windows 11 to all eligible devices by mid-2022. The period of the 2022 feature update release rollout will likely be shorter.


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Microsoft to focus on WinUI performance

Besides, it seems like Microsoft’s UI team is also planning to focus on performance in 2022. When users started complaining of sluggish experience when using WinUI or XAML elements in Windows, Windows decided to take matters into their own hands, so, that’s why the software maker promised performance-related fixes


It looks like some have observed noticeable delays when they right-click on the desktop, try to adjust volume, date and time popup, notification center, Start, etc.


These performance issues have more impact on lower-end PCs as WinUI and modern UI elements appear to be more GPU intensive. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the reports and some fixes have already been implemented in the Dev Channel, and more changes will be tested in 2022.


Microsoft certainly needs to the sluggish areas of modern components because WinUI is going to play an important role in the development of Windows and slow File Explorer or other bugs can affect the overall responsiveness of the operating system.



10 years of Surface

2022 will mark the 10th anniversary of Surface, which first launched with the Surface RT in October 2012. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft will continue to produce new Surface hardware next year. The first half of 2022 will only see one new Surface product launch, that being the Surface Laptop Go 2 with an 11th-generation Intel chip inside.


Microsoft will try to ship a small number of new Surface products, including refreshes of the Surface Pro and Surface Pro X with 12th-gen Intel and Microsoft “SQ3” chips respectively. We expect to see an updated Surface Laptop with Intel 12th-gen and AMD Rembrandt series chips.


Nevertheless, the successor to the Surface Studio 2 will be released in the second half of 2022



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